Vox Vermillion / Standing Still You Move Forwar
Album: Standing Still You Move Forwar   Collection:General
Artist:Vox Vermillion   Added:May 2005
Label:Women Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2005-12-31
Artist: Vox Vermillion
Album: Standing Still You Move Forward
Reviewed by: Bea la O'

Standing Still You Move Forward is an album of airy, haunting female vocals with strong beats. Vox Vermillion’s lead singer’s, Kelsey Crawford’s, breathy voice often sounds restrained and drowns in the bands strong piano melodies and drum beats. This phenomenon contributes to the ambient sound of the band’s music. The songs are often dark and moody.
*Tracks 2 and 3 exhibit the range of sound the band can produce.

FCC clean.

1. Haunting piano melody over drums. A ghostlike voice emerges and disappears throughout the song.

2. *pick*
Tip-toeing melody and beat. Lightly touched piano, heavier drums, and a breathy female voice singing, “One of these days when you‘re upside down…” The song ends on a louder note.

3 *pick*.
Futuristic dance sound and beat. Vocals take on the playful beat.

4. Lightly pounding beat. Layers of beats played by the drums, guitar, cello and vocals.

5. A play between cello, piano, and vocals. Piano propels the song forward while voice recedes into the background. Then voice crescendos into a soft throaty scream above the incessant drum and piano themes.

6. Haunting keyboard theme repeating behind soft vocals singing, “I was born on the fourth of July…” Vocals produce a slow scat at the end.

7. Slow and melodic piano and cello beneath soft vocals produce another dark and haunting song.

8. Faster than the previous songs. Simple Piano melody, drums, and vocals that play with the beat of the song.

9. Faster tempo. Dark. Vocals lightly pepper the drum beats.

10. Dark. Mid-tempo. Breathy Vocals repeat, “Got to get out of here…Got to get in touch with my secrets…” As the song progresses, piano rolls the monotonous beat into a melody.

Track Listing
1. Up in It   6. July
2. Arrivals/Departures   7. Freeways and Highways
3. Controller   8. Macbeth
4. Undergournd   9. Smitten
5. Wanted   10. Psycho