Continuous Peasant / Intentional Grounding
Album: Intentional Grounding   Collection:General
Artist:Continuous Peasant   Added:May 2005
Label:Good Forks  

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Week Ending: Jul 10
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Less Misogynist (When I'm Wi
4. Jun 22, 2005: Epic Soundtracks
Santa Cruz Song
2. Jul 08, 2005: The Dog and Pony Show
You Don't Believe in Nuthin'
5. Jun 01, 2005: Epic Soundtracks
3. Jul 06, 2005: Epic Soundtracks
All I'm Saying

Album Review
Reviewed 2005-06-15
Local indie rock. Soft & gentle (mostly), with razorblades for teeth... the gentleness from disarmingly offhand (sometimes off-key) male vocals and swaying folk-rock arrangements, the teeth from high-IQ, blade-sharp lyrics. Chris Stroffolino’s voice (he was in Silver Jews briefly) brings to mind (too?) many singers: Stephen Malkmus, Bob Dylan, Warren Zevon, Ron House. But songs are great... and voice can grow on you. Second LP from these locals led by a poet/English prof. This time around I think he’s been listening to more ’70s (pre-punk) music... includes lyrical references to The Kinks and Neil Diamond. Most songs slow, a couple faster & noisier. Many begin with a few seconds of silence, most end with slow fade. FCC: 5. For noisy start with 7. For gentle start with 1, 3, 6.
==> 1. Sleepy & introspective. “The radio can act like a savior. But just like the church leaves you in a lurch.” Starts with 6 secs. silence then guitar.
2. Med. fast, energetic. Starts with a few secs. of silence, then full band. Slow fade.
==> 3. Slow & dreamy. Great, sardonic, painfully honest lyrics about feminism & misogyny. “I used to fear the women who wanted to be free, and had contempt for others who chained themselves to me. But I feel like I’m less misogynist when I’m with you.” Starts with guitar.
4. Med. fast. Starts with weird effect, sort of like flushing. Perky. Includes a Beatles harmony reference.
5. FCC (“fuck,” one time). Rockin’ & noisy & politically pissed off. If your show is during safe harbor, play this track. In parts sounds a bit like The Ex. Starts & ends with moaning feedback guitar.
==> 6. Slow & heartrending. Three songs in one, melodically. “You didn’t see how I had to forget you. You didn’t know that was how I met you. I wasn’t putting you on.” Starts with solo voice.
==> 7. Faster & noisier. Starts with lo-fi vocal sample. Sounds a lot like Great Plains (the Ohio band). “You don’t believe in nothin’ anymore!”
8. Quiet & slow, gets louder & quiet again. Starts with guitar & piano. Sparse and powerful. Chord changes come from ?___________________.
9. Whimsical shuffle beat & honky-tonk piano belie profound, subtle lyrics. Passing lyrical reference to The Kinks.
10. Med. fast. Male/female harmony vocals. Beat alternates between rolling along and hanging suspended.
11. Med. tempo. “Settle down and buy a horse. Then have three kids and get divorced.” Song ends with 17 secs. of silence.
12. Unlisted track. Starts with bass. Med. fast. Prominent piano. Very pre-punk ’70s. Lyrical reference to Neil Diamond.

Track Listing
1. All I'm Saying   6. Ultimatum
2. Waste of Time   7. You Don't Believe in Nuthin'
3. Less Misogynist (When I'm Wi   8. I'll Try to Understand
4. Fire Side of Me   9. Night's Quick Specimen
5. Shock and Awe   10. World Is Upside Down
  11. Wherever It's Gray