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Reviewed 2005-08-08
Ceasars: Paper Tigers (Astrealwerks)
Reviewed by Beezher, 8/8/05
Cool blend of catchy 60's pop and electric folk mixed with a punk sense of fun in their lyrics. This energetic band dares to experiment with slightly experimental instrumentation that sticks to the beat. Fun and uplifting mid tempo to upbeat tracks. the whole album flows smoothly from fun to chill to rocking again. Check for their hit "Jerk It Out" (Track 4) that played throughout one of the iPod Shuffle commercial. FCC clean.
Beezher's pics: 4, 9, 10, 12

1. (4: 51) Spirit - Fun guitars, light and spacey keyboard melodies. Nice vocals about empty streets. Picks up intensity midway through, and drummer gets crazy towards the end.
2. (2:49) It's Not the fall That Hurts - Immediately gets your toe tapping with an upbeat tambourine and strumming guitar melody. Nice and simple bridge and abstract message in the lyrics.
3. (3:03) Out There - Nice interplay of guitars and vocals. Fun and positive.
4. (3: 17) Play this one. Very catchy and nice sounding organ instrumentation with a 60's feel. Makes you want to jerk something. I'd play it on my iPod.
5. (3: 08) May the Rain - Somber tone the the lyrics (sad and reflective), but the melody is light and mellow. A few nah nah's towards the end if you wanted to know.
6. (2:35) My Heart Is Breaking Down - If the title didn't give it away...Once again a sad song that involves thunder and lightning. Short guitar solo and keyboard organ melody at the end.
7. (3: 58) Paper Tigers - Spacey and slow with high piano notes. Very twinkly and stays that way. About people in the streets.
8. (4:49) Your Time Is Near - Nice beat, more bass (percussion and guitar) is taking over in this one. Settles and swells with cool percussion at the end. About person getting ready for a journey.
9. (2:49) Throwaway - A song you could do the pony hop to. Uptempo and sold guitar strumming (tambourines and hand clapping). Chill guitar solo towards the end.
10. (3:05) Winter Song - Nice twinkling effect to sound like snow is falling. Acoustic rhythm guitar, not much percussion. Midway through an orchestral settles into a piano and percussion picks up a little.
11. (3:23) We Got To Leave - Gets you moving from the beginning. Fun lyrical build up to chorus. Nice to jam to with sweet and simple vocals.
12. (4:13) Soul Chaser - Starts out like a part 2 of "Jerk It Out," but becomes it's own cool fast paced guitar and organ fun fest. Contagious percussion.
13. Good and Gone - Mid tempo beat and simple guitar solo midway through. All alone once again talking off on a journey. Ends with the guitarist tripping out again.

Track Listing
1. Spirit   7. Paper Tigers
2. It's not the Fall that Hurts   8. Your Time Is Near
3. Out there   9. Throwaway
4. Jerk It Out   10. Winter Song
5. May the Rain   11. We Got to Leave
6. My Heart Is Breaking Down   12. Soulchaser
  13. Good and Gone