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Artist:Head of Femur   Added:May 2005

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1. Oct 23, 2005: Multiple Personality Disorder
Oh You're Blue
4. Oct 08, 2005: Biff Bang Pow
Skirts Are Takin' Over
2. Oct 18, 2005: eclectica
Elliott Gould Is in Californ
5. Oct 01, 2005: Biff Bang Pow
Elliott Gould Is in Californ
3. Oct 16, 2005: Multiple Personality Disorder
The Sausage Canoe
6. Sep 27, 2005: Foreplay and Sex Wax
Elliott Gould Is in Californ

Album Review
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Reviewed 2005-08-23
Head of Femur is a Chicago based group. They have a pretty amazing blend of styles: predominantly pop with undercurrents of electronica, experimental and classical, etc. Lots of horn and string emphasis and lots of experimenting on the keyboard. These guys are pretty talented musicians. The lead singer has a strung out voice, that sounds like its just about to give out. Each song seems to try something new. All songs are good. Best are 1,3,5, 6, 7, 10, 12

*Track One: Nice harmonies. Upbeat, fast, pop-py. Strong drums. Nice little guitar break-down. Combines lots of different styles: pop, rock, electronica…
Track Two: Softer. Mellow. Starts off pretty laid back. Bass and drums come in. Make it a little more upbeat. Nice horns and strings accompaniment. Nice chorus, builds with horns. Abrupt ending
*Track Three: Slower, midtempo. Emphasis on horn and violin. Soft guitar. About a minute in is 70’s airy breakdown on keyboard with guitar. Then straightforward piano and violin with slow vox. Nice brass solo. Picks up again. Kind of epic- love song. Nice frenzied instrumental at the end.
Track Four: Fast tempo. Vox emphasizes beat. Same as the rest.
*Track Five: Overdone, opening. Sounds a little like Beach Boys. Heavy on bass and piano. Nice Guitar and back-up vocals. Kind of sad. Reminds me of autumn.
**Track Six: The Sausage Canoe!! Nice heavy beats with horns. Just incredibly absurd, but bound to make your day. Awesome chorus.
*Track Seven: Epic piano opening. With great arpeggios. Acoustic guitar comes in. A little electronic keyboardness. Strong strings. Midtempo. Minor but slightly upbeat. Awesome Romanian breakdown with flute and strings.
Track Eight: simple. Mellow. Pretty. Slow. Nice Acoustic guitar that repeats through out. Again heart-breaking song. Nice poetry in lyrics.
Track Nine: Starts out with driving opening sounds like spy/adventure movie, Buckaroo Bonzai if you will. Slows down and gets more basic at points. Kind of anti war anthem.
*Track Ten: Starts up quickly. Fast. Weird strings break down in the middle but fun. Nice horns too. Nice laidback lyrics.
Track Eleven: Starts out with harmonica. Kind of folksy with pop piano. Nice builds. Very pretty, midtempo. Nice way of manipulating voice. Cool guitar solo at end.
**Track Twelve: Great break down with keyboard, strings and horns. Infact, this is just a musically amazing song. Very high energy. Talks about sex though. Is that an FCC? Keyboard chords for emphasis. False ending, and then crazy breakdown. Celebrate and run around!
Track thirteen: Pretty piano and guitar openers. Soft voice. Mellow. Minor a little foreboding. Sad lyrics about not really getting what you’ve worked for. V. introspective.

Track Listing
1. Elliott Gould Is in Californ   7. Oh You're Blue
2. Ringodom or Proctor   8. Song for Richard Manuel
3. Manhattan   9. Born in the Seventies
4. Percy   10. Easy Street
5. Skirts Are Takin' Over   11. Sometimes Friends
6. The Sausage Canoe   12. Do the Cavern
  13. Jackk and the Water Buffalo