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Artist:Ned   Added:May 2005
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Album Review
Reviewed 2005-09-16
Highly varied, noisy, sometimes funky indie rock... hard to classify beyond that. This is the release version of the their self-titled CD-R from 2004, also in our library. Lo-fi but lovingly produced by this musically-sophisticated local four-piece who employ mainstream rock motifs to great effect. Three members from Alaska (brothers Cyrus and Nathan Tilton, and Mouse), one from New Hampshire (Ross Peacock). Formed in Oakland in early 2002. Points of reference: David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Campag Velocet, RATM, The Beatles... result is a unique, funky, freaky strangeness. Many songs fade into each other. FCC indecent: 9. Start with 2, 3, 8, 11.

1. Slow and noisy. Starts with a couple secs of high-hat, then fuzz guitar and drums. Spoken, processed vocals tell a weird story. Guitar stops and track ends with several secs of synthetic bird calls & keys... morse code sounds begin and fades into next song.
==> 2. Slow. Begins with quiet morse-code & vinyl noise & backward vox. Then sparse guitar & keyboards, then full band comes in, heavy & understated. Intense but opiated, sounding a bit like Campag Velocet. Ends with about 10 secs of vinyl noise & strangeness then abruptly goes silent.
==> 3. Mid-slow. Druggy, harmony vox and minimal instrumentation. Creepy and multilayered. You could dance to it if you were underwater and sufficiently zombified. Fades, then ends with feedback guitar.
4. Quiet, dreamy instrumental. Starts with a minute of quiet backwards vox and oddness, then repetitive guitar figure. Goes into next song.
5. Many tempo changes. Funky, heavy noise rock. Megaphone vocals: “Ladies and gentlemen, step right up, it’s fun!” Dark, some weird monster-like vocals. In spots like Rage Against The Machine or The Beatles’ I Am The Walrus. Ends abruptly.
6. Mid-tempo instrumental, sort of tribal. Simplistic electronic percussion. Extra heavy low bass. Various themes but no melody. Starts abruptly with low-pitched synth. Ends with solo keyboards and slow fade.
7. Dark & funky dance number. “Don’t try to save me/ Abandon and waste me.” Gothy & whimsical at the same time. Starts with synth & synthetic percussion. Gets quiet and then ends abruptly.
==> 8. Mid-tempo, quiet, very Pink Floyd. Falsetto vocals and sleepily strummed acoustic guitar. Trippy for sure. Stays quiet, ends with several secs of warbly synth... ends abruptly because it goes into next song.
9. FCC indecent: Fucking, Fucked up. Denser bits reminiscent of Pink Floyd or David Bowie. Dense, symphonic outsider rock. Starts with glissando bass. Fades.
10. Novelty, gravelly, monotone spoken vox. “You can make me feel!” Very heavy bass and retro electronic drums. Cool. Starts with synth percussion. Ends with quiet keyboards fading... goes into next song.
==> 11. Funky, tribal dance pop with “la la la’s.” Heavy and layered. Starts with a bit of synth noise. Ends with some heavy guitar and a 30 second fade. Last 6 secs is quiet.
12. Nice, loud percussion. Line dance, anyone? Mostly instrumental, semi-tribal, with splashes of caterwauling. Starts with loud drums and quiet synth underneath. Ends by instruments dropping out one by one.
13. Short, low-fi instrumental with radio samples from decades past. Starts very quietly. Fades.
14. Symphonic, bombastic rock instrumental... that has a quiet middle section... then gets dreamy... then vocals come in after 5 mins. “Goodbye world, I’m leaving you today.” Starts with a spoken word or two, then feedback guitars for 40 secs, then loud band comes in. Loud again toward end. 30-second guitar-feedback fade, then ends abruptly.

Track Listing
1. Tapwater   8. Supper
2. Small Flightless Birds   9. Cough Cushion Fortress
3. Soft White Noise   10. The 808
4. Floral Quarantine   11. Mississippi Earthquake
5. Red   12. Cordoba
6. Albino Bus   13. Smalltown, Usa
7. Mother's Advice   14. Gramma