Books, the / Lost and Safe
Album: Lost and Safe   Collection:General
Artist:Books, the   Added:May 2005

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Album Review
Reviewed 2005-05-21
Wow, the east-coast duo brings another beautiful sample-art, neu-folk, beat-friendly album. Delicate guitar, banjo, mandolin with subtle polyphonic beats and heavy, yet not tedious, use of samples. The Books now sing, too, mixing in lyrics from the samples (the lyrics in liner notes do not distinguish between sung and sampled). It will delight you, check out 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 11, and all of them really.

1. ** Delicate track, Tape-like drone, dreamy and beautiful. **
2. Interesting sample, harsh synthesized sound into subtle beat, processesed singing/talking vox, ends with another sample.
3. ** Interesting quiet midtempo beat, so perfectly matching the Alice quote (“all mimsy were the borogroves”!), other samples. **
4. * Steady mid/subtle beat, calm guitar, soft-sung vox, interesting lyrics *
5. * Steady banjo sets the mood, cello, nice long intro, a sample reminiscent of The Wall, great ending on another sample. *
6. *** Percussion-like, with electric guitar, best matching of percussion to spoken sample starting at –2:11, check it out! ***
7. More percussion, some weird sample about a painter (Dali?), short.
8. Quiet guitar plucking and dreamy vox.
9. ** Dreamy changing beat neu-folk, more sample heavy, acoustic guitar, beautiful. **
10. More dreaminess, beat builds up ever so slightly, and instrumentation picks up to a mid tempo bridge.
11. * Quiet strum, little vox, delicate, delicate, delicate. *

Track Listing
1. A Little Longing Goes Away   6. An Animated Description of M
2. Be Good to Them Always   7. Venice
3. Vogt Dig for Koppervok   8. None but Shining Hours
4. Smells Like Content   9. If not Now, Whenever
5.   10. An Owl with Knees
  11. Twelve Fold Chain