Chemicals Made From Dirt / Chemicals Made From Dirt
Album: Chemicals Made From Dirt   Collection:General
Artist:Chemicals Made From Dirt   Added:Feb 2005
Label:Hyped 2 Death  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2005-06-07

Chemicals Made From Dirt -- Ike (Hyped To Death) Wow! More unearthed late 70’s-early 80’s new wave/punk rock obscurites. Chemicals were from Long Island and throwdown 25 tracks of what’s called “artwave” which actually does combined oft-kilter tempos of new wave/post-punk with punk attitude & riffing.
(((((1))))) Sharp, thuddin’ 70’s punk rawness filled with attitude!
(((2))) Off-kilter, big bass, kinda like a sped up Television or the Jam
((((3)))) 70’s punk action with wailing guitars ‘ala Sex Pistols, NY Dolls, Johnny Thunders.
(((4))) Weird, art-funk thing ‘ala Talking Heads
((((5)))) Killer guitar & bass work, lots of odd measures and silly vocals.
(((6))) 3-note rollin’ number sounds like The Offs minus the horns.
((7)) Goofy, “shoo-bop” repeating over & over.
((((8)))) Fuckin’ KILLER riff with reverb-laden vox.
(((9))) Mid-pace & slow swingin’ tempos and great vocals & chorus.
(((10))) Zappa-like vocals, rolling new wave-ish 80’s futurist sound.
(((11))) Hilarious lyrics! Totally 60’s beach pop mixed with 80’s power pop.
(((12))) Mid-paced twisted, spastic punk/new wave mix. Devo meets the Weirdos?
(((13))) Bass-y, strummy, bouncy rhymns & an ode to Elvis: Drug Years.
((((14)))) Minimal, goofy art punk not too far from early Wire.
(((15))) Nerdy punk/new wave ‘ala B-People or early Talking Heads.
(((16))) Bass-y, sorta catchy off kilter not really new wave/not really punk.
(((17))) Great riff & bass lines, but a little too redundant.
((((18)))) Big ‘ol guitar sound but also has a touch of twang. Straddlin’ the art punk/new wave line(s).
((((19)))) Lo-fi sound but nice waves of synth, sax and sarcastic lyrics.
((((20)))) Roxy Music meets Bowie? Uppity & often groovy - ‘nuff said!
(((21))) Steady bass, angular sort with weird vocal lines.
((22)) Dark yet silly - new wave/power pop - a little TOO silly, tho’!
(((23))) Funky, goofy, super-silly new-wave nerdiness.
(((24))) Crazy guitar parts & lyrics about one of NYC’s infamous porn palaces.
((((25)))) Early 80’s “rap/funk” merger, goofy lyrics from an LSD droppin’, rappin’ Count Dracula. Comedy option.
----Ragnar Of Ravensfjord

Track Listing
1. Manikin   13. Medicated Elvis
2. M   14. Uh-Oh
3. Hard   15. Homeless Men
4. Beatniks Looking for Tourist   16. Fast Ocean Puppet
5. Protein Pants   17. Fly to Work
6. Another Dinner   18. Multiple Station Wagon
7. Chemicals Made From Dirt   19. Claus Von Bulow
8. Panic-No Fusion   20. Dr. Shockley
9. Girls My Age   21. Lost in the Cave of Flying D
10. 17TH Century   22. Barney
11. Communist Calendar Girls   23. Hiding From Bozo
12. Air Raid Drill   24. Show World
  25. Rapula