Bassholes / Broke Chamber Music
Album: Broke Chamber Music   Collection:General
Artist:Bassholes   Added:Feb 2005
Label:Secret Keeper Records  

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Album Review
Peter Porcino
Reviewed 2005-03-31
Bassholes – Broke Chamber Music – Secret Keeper Records
Reviewed by Peter 3-28-2005

FCCs on 6, 12, 17, 20, 21
Very lo-fi, heavily distorted, collection of rock and punk early singles and unreleased tracks from the Bassholes. Songs have a pretty consistent sound of even drum bed, distorted guitar layer supporting punky vox with attitude. There’s variety within this format allowing for all sorts of sounds. I starred tracks that I liked, but you should look for what you want. Check out track descriptions for more…

1. 2:45 – Up-tempo, distorted guitars, snarly punk vocals, low-quality, distant, recording. Guitars especially are removed and fuzzy.
2. 2:39 – Up-tempo, heavy distortion on one guitar with cleaner, fast, blues/rock-guitar (very 60’s sound) on the other. Vocals still snarly, recording still lo-fi. End transitions into #3.
3. * 2:04 – Mid-tempo, steady drum/bass intro, rock guitar crescendos in. Very cool instrumental.
4. 3:07 – Especially lo-fi recording with child echoing lead vocals. A little creepy at first, but it gets cute and then amusing. Kid talks and sings. Guitars are heavy and very distorted. Drums underneath push the song at a somewhat mid-tempo pace.
5. 2:36 – Up-tempo, early rock-sound with less distortion, less lo-fi. Vocals less growly (though still rough) with a George Thoroughgood sound.
6. * 5:05 – Starts with what sounds like the end of a song, then begins again with an up-tempo ballad driven by energetic percussion. Distorted guitars provides basic foundation. Almost has a Stones feel. FCC “Fuckin’” towards the end. So lo-fi that you can’t really tell anyway.
7. 2:24 – Mid-tempo instrumental, distorted guitar leads and combines all sorts of flavors: psychedelic, Hendrix, intentionally-sloppy. Long fade-out
8. 3:16 – Up-tempo, drum-driven song with guitars (distorted, but again showing its earlier influences). Vox pushed way to the back, guitars in the mid.
9. 3:15 – Starts with an amusing chipmunks-esque intro, then scary/crazy voices until energetic up-tempo cover of the hokey pokey comes in at one minute. Instead of regular body-part names, they use all sorts of amusing synonyms.
10. 2:12 – Up-tempo, straightforward energetic rock with an early-punk sound. Might be more radio-friendly b/c of catchier vox and guitar .
11. 3:48 – Starts with a quiet belch. Mid-tempo with over-the-top vox that run a range of varying sounds. Simple VU kind of rock bed.
12. * 3:09 – Up-tempo, rock song about roaches. FCC “Muthafucka” at beginning “fuck” towards end. “Rather have roaches than rats.” Catchy and up-beat with cool guitars and lyrics.
13. * 2:02 – Cool instrumental with acoustic lead guitar and electric riff underneath.
14. * 3:40 – Mid-tempo, vox is different, kind of Ozzy-sounding. Very cool guitars, though come through clearly between other parts and really make the song.
15. * 1:49 – Up-tempo, acoustic take on the blues classic “Frankie and Johnnie”. Snipets of a choir comes in kind of hauntingly.
16. 2:00 – Up-tempo, energetic, all-out rock with call-and-response vocals and crazy guitars.
17. 2:53 – Funny take on Hendrix’s “Hey Joe” that makes fun of O.J. with chipmunks, fake-O.J. and announcer vox. FCCs, not to mention graphic content of song in general.
18. 3:27 – Down-tempo, with tambourines and more sparse guitars. Vox way in the back, barely audible and basically unintelligible.
19. 2:27 – Spoken intro seductive female “We’re gonna have fun” deep male, chuckles, “Oh, yes” Driving, 60’s rock-feel. Sloppy guitars. Spoken outro too.
20. 2:00 – Up-tempo, energetic, throw-it-in-your-face punk with driving drums and hard guitar riff. FCCs “Fuck” “Tits”. Abrupt end!
21. 3:24 Down-tempo with steady guitars and clearer vox singing to a girl about Hell (and how she’s in it). Some cool imagery, including the “foot-long jade harmonica.” FCC “Asscrack, balls, ding-dong” all in two lines.
22. 5:04 – Starts with bent distorted guitar then a George Thoroughgood drum riff creating an expectant feel. Lead vox echoed in the distant by muffled, distant vox. Pretty piano line comes in and out and contrasts sharply with the grating guitars and always-driving guitars.
23. 1:47 – Kid shout-singing simple, short song with repetitive lyrics. I found it annoying, but I’m sure someone will think it’s charming.

Track Listing
1. 98 in the Shade   12. Cockroach Blues
2. Cigarette Blues   13. Then Again, no
3. Wodden Tit   14. Pneumonia
4. Little Rug Bug   15. Frankie and Albert
5. Jelly Belly   16. Lion's Share
6. John Henry   17. Hey O.J
7. Melody for An Unchained Girl   18. Jesus Book
8. 20-20 Vision   19. Baby Go
9. Honkey Pokey   20. (She Said I Had A) Problem
10. Haunted Hill   21. Hells Blues
11. Red Leaves   22. Changes Had to Come
  23. Call Me Green (Im Schizo)