Darkthrone / Sardonic Wrath
Album: Sardonic Wrath   Collection:General
Artist:Darkthrone   Added:Jan 2005
Label:Moonfog Productions  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2006-02-17
Norwegian Black Metal. 3 words that = Darkthrone but this time Fenriz's fixation on crust-core (Severed Head Of State, World Burns To Death, etc.) rather evident. While they’ve (sort of) matured as individuals the music has changed little. Though this is not news since we're dealing with "The Ramones of Black Metal". 9 chapters of unrelenting noisy, fucked up raw n’ rockin’ headbangin’ blackened metal. The Hellhammer/Celtic Frost influences are probably more evident than ever here.

((((1)))) It’s an intro track but it works well. Omnimous indeed! Creepy cold & slow ambience & noise ‘ala Lustmord & Morthound.
((((2)))) Spiteful yet confusing lyrics with an 18 note cycle and an UGLY & brilliant breakdown ‘ala the unholy trinity: Bathory/Venom/Celtic Frost. (FCC -1:16 “hail fuckin’ darkness)
(((((3))))) Unholy shit! Harkens back to "Striving For A Piece Of Lucifer" (from last year's "Hate Them") but slowing down the riff. The title = “Check Mate Jesus Christ”.
(((((4))))) Mid-tempo pounding a tad “melodic". Quorthon-like quasi-epic passages that Nocturno Culto’s playing. Hateful, spiteful and totally grim but direct and focused.
(((((5))))) Kindling the same fire as Celtic Frost’s “Return To The Eve” but mixes in a few scalding sparks of it’s own. Suuper gargly vocals & tuned waaaay down. Rough translation (from “die Deusch”) “all against all”.
((((((6))))))) Contains of their best riffs ever! More Celtic Frost worship (sounds kinda like “Dethroned Emperor”) encased in burnt & decayed flesh. (Rough Translation of title = “My Thoughts Sit”)
(((((7))))) Straight-ahead heavy doom riff & some kind of (satan forbid!) melodic passage but totally snarling & spiteful vocals. FCC “fuck hope” FCC “fuck” -3:06 & -2:47
((((8))))) Classic GRIM as ever classic Norwegian Black Metal sound with hateful and guttural English & Norsk. The chorus mix up Tom G. Warrior like shouting and d-beat hardcore. Bonus point for the “Oüh!”
(((((9))))) Slow blackened doom ‘ala Khold mixed up with the ubiquitous Hellhammer “Triumph of Death” riffing & ravenous vocals. Gotta love it!

Track Listing
1. Order of the Ominous   5. All Egegen Alle
2. Information Wants to Be Synd   6. Man Tenker Sitt
3. Sjakk Matt Jesu Krist   7. Sacrificing to the God of Do
4. Straightening Sharks in Heav   8. Hate Is the Law
  9. Rawness Obsolete