7 Seconds / Take It Back, Take It On, Take
Album: Take It Back, Take It On, Take   Collection:General
Artist:7 Seconds   Added:Jan 2005
Label:Side One Dummy Records  

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One Friend Too Many
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My Band, Our Crew
5. Apr 21, 2005: Bloodstains Across Atherton
My Band, Our Crew
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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2005-06-08
7 Seconds are back in full force. While isn’t not at great as “The Crew” (the standard which all 7 Seconds is measured by) they’re fusing the original fury with poppy (not really “pop-punk”) melodicism. The latter half is even more poppy but still pretty spirited.
(((((1))))) Kinda like “Blast From The Past” but a tad more modern.
((((2)))) Fast, melodic hardcore with catchy chorus.
(((((3)))))) Some weird mix of 7 Sec. mixed with The Descendents. Hardcore poppy punk? Yeah!
(((((4))))) Classic chargin’ Skeno ‘core!
((((5)))) Nice melodic punk with GREAT vocals but too repetitve
(((((6))))) Hella posi, hella inspiring fuckin’ pure HARDCORE! (FCC “Bullshit” 0:06)
((((7)))) Fast with nice melodic chorus. (FCCs: 0:14 “Fuck”)
(((((8))))) Classic hardcore but with a modern production. Lotsa “whaooo-ohhs”
((((9)))) Kinda Descendents/Misfits thing. Totally hit it’s target. Questions the bullshit of the scene. (FCC “fucking” 0:23)
((((10)))) Driving, poppy punk kinda Descedents-like.
((((11)))) Fast, catchy hardcore with great lyrics re: dealing with anxiety (FCC “fuckin” 0:41)
(((((12))))) Straight up ‘84 styled - learning from the past & movin’ it to the present right fuckin’ now!
(((13))) Fast & catchy about the media wars. Chorus sound like “we’ve got the queen of nothing hidden away”.
((((14)))) Normally these lyrics would suck in the hands of chug-core chumps - but Seconds & Youth started this kinda shit so it totally rips!
((((15)))) Could be a radio hit - if (*gag*) “alternative” radio really had guts. Super poppy punk. Nice vocals. (FCC “fuck” 1:06)
(((16))) Simple, formulatic but in a good way.
((((17)))) Standard 7 Secs. h.c. with the “whoa-whoas” all over.

Track Listing
1. All Came Undone   9. Where Is the Danger?
2. Meant to Be My Own   10. Big Hardcore Mystery
3. This Is Temporary   11. Panic Attack
4. My Band, Our Crew   12. Our Core
5. Still on It   13. Breaking News
6. Say My Thanks   14. One Friend Too Many
7. Big Fall   15. Y.P.H.
8. Stand Here and Just Stare   16. Your Frustration
  17. Rules to Follow