Coke Dares, the / Here We Go with
Album: Here We Go with   Collection:General
Artist:Coke Dares, the   Added:Jan 2005
Label:Secretly Canadian  

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Black Beauties
2. Apr 08, 2005: The Fifth Column: Music for the Discerning Proletariat
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4. Mar 08, 2005: The Devils Collective x 3/2
Drunk Ambition

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2005-06-08
Good, short attention span garage-ish, punkish/indie rock from Indiana. 32 songs, 32 minutes. The Coke Dares possess the fire of The Replacements and The Minutemen...if both had a thing for 70’s arena rock solos.

((((1)))) 60’s garage twang mixed with mid-70’s punk instrumental.
(((2))) Loud, strummin’, wailing power-pop/rockin’ indie action.
(((3))) Minutemen-like rollin’ number (FCCs “shit”)
(((((5))))) Tight & simple riff with a power-pop/early 80’s garage vibe mixed with Wire?
(((6))) Goofy Star Trek lyrics, silly Minutemen gone boogie rock?
((((7)))) Anti-gun tune done, super catchy rollin’ fast track.
((8)) A little too much on the boogie and not on the rock.
((((9)))) Excellent groove, mixes punk, Sabbath and indie rawk. Funny lyrics.CAREFUL: FCC “fuck” in the very last 2 seconds!
(((10))) Short, fast and sorta loud, wild strummin’ mental.
((((11)))) Kooky, loud & drunk headnoddin’ punk/garage.
(((((12)))) Rippin’ instrumental twangy yet hella raw indie-punk.
((((((13))))))) Total punk n’ roll perfection. You name it - it’s all stellar shit, dood!
(((((14))))) Melodic, power-pop via Midwest indie ‘83-’87.
(((15))) Heavy on the vocal harmonies. Simple & straight up fun.
((((16)))) Wild riffage, basic lyrics, good times. (FCC “FUCK” 0:26)
(((((17))))) Hi-larious truck drivin’ speed heavy, indie/classic rawk.
((((18)))) Early Soul Asylum/Replacements vibe + wailing solos. Dig it!
((((19))))) Drunken ambitions set to catchy kick-ass rawk.
((((((20))))) Awesome vocals, garage/punk/indie/power-pop mush together.
((((21)))) 4-chord ripper.
(((((22)))) Live & raw as fuck instrumental surf/garage damage.
(((23))) Painful rawness but pretty cool. Like Pussy Gallore gone boogie rock?
((((24)))) Awesome pop harmonies & loud-ass guitars
((25)) Led Zep kinda thuddin’ and dopey, ¨über-wasted vocals.
(((26))) More 4-chord rock/pop madness.
(((((27)))) Hi-larious title with early US hardcore vibe. (FCC “MOTHERFUCKER” 0:09-0:10)
(((28)))) Damn they keep doin’ it! Brilliant simplicity.
(((((29))))) Amazing power-pop/punk all kinds of phenomenal riffs.
(((((30))))) Straight-up short, fast US hardcore in a scant 11 secs.
((((31)))) “Sorry Ma....” -era Replacements-like loud, harmonious rocker.
(((32))) Another raw as hell, short instrumental blast.

Track Listing
1. Coke Dares Theme One   17. Jesus Speed Freak
2. I Won't Start Drinkin'   18. Asheville Blues
3. All I Have Is Your Bass in .   19. Drunk Ambition
4. The Guys at Autozone Were A.   20. 10 G's
5. Could You Ever? I Never   21. You Caught Me Counting on M
6. Disappearing Up the Wizard's   22. Coke Dares Theme Two
7. Guns 'n' Reasons   23. That's Woman's My Train
8. Mr. Sooner or Later Man   24. That's It, I'm Chasing this
9. Is that the Genre Talking or   25. I Like Rocking All the Time
10. Went to Sleep High   26. I Had a Dream Last Night Tht
11. Jason Is Going to See You Na   27. Acid Church Party
12. Coke Dares Theme Four   28. You're not Carrying a Big B
13. Black Beauties   29. M. L. E. U. M. E.
14. I'm Pissed   30. It's Only Rock and Roll (But
15. I'm Too Busy to Cut My Lines   31. Thank You, I'm Sorry I Love
16. Working His Hole   32. Coke Dares Theme Three