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Enemy of God

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2005-01-03
This is Kreator’s best studio album since at least “Coma Of Souls” (1990) they got kind of weird during a good part of the 90’s but this album ties both their classic speed metal style and a bit of traditional NWOBHM style (mostly on the ‘Maiden side).
The first few songs just burst forth with a relentless speed attack. The more mid-tempo pieces focus on Mille’s (guitar/vocals) restrained riffs (sometimes invoking unused Slayer or other 80’s U.S. 1983-85 era thrash). Overall, some pretty solid stuff. Keep it goin’ Millie & Ventor!
((((((1)))))) Fuckin’ stacked & violent German speed metal!!! This could’ve been on the “Flag of Hate” EP. Nice crushing, crunching riffage ‘round the 3 minute mark.
(((2))) Midtempo & more techincal riffing (some nice Egyptian scales)
the chorus drags a little but generally good.
((((3))) Slayer-ish riff or rather the kind of riff that Slayer SHOULD be making! Chargin’ mid-tempo ‘banger with a catchy chorus.
(((((4)))))) Classic speed riffage with some Slayer-ish chaotic whammy bar wailing. Great “anti-society/fuck off world “ thrasher and even a slow acoustic part thrown near the end and just before you can say “Pleasure to Kill” - they start wailing the whammy again.
(((((5))))) A mix of “Coma of Souls” like riffing mixed up with Slayer’s “Reign In Blood” (but not done to the point of absurdity like those “metal core” idiots) mid-tempo to modern-era metal.
((((6)))) Slow, 80’s ballad-like (NOT a “power ballad”) intro then a great scream and ‘Maiden-ish catchy styled metal mixed with “Kreatorrific” mid-tempo sounds.
(((((7))))) Thudding, basic thrash. Kicks Carnal Forge & The Haunted to the fuckin’ curb.
((((8)))) Slow thundering build-up then headbangin’ thud-thud riffin’ then slow charge and overall a solid aggressive metal tune bonus point for the great solo (4:20-4:49).
((((9))))) Galloping ‘Maiden-like melodies with thrash yeah it’s been done 14 billion times by now but this is fuckin’ Kreator doing it and IT’S CRUSHING YOU!
((((10)))) Mellow guitar strums - something like a hi-fi version of Venom’s “Mayhem With Mercy” then classic 80’s crunch riffing into a NWOBHM styled anthem complete with Bruce Dickenson-like vocal phrasing.
(((11))) Loud, bashin’ speed/thrash that’s influenced shitloads of bands
then goes into that NWOBHM thingy which they’ve already done but this time it’s not quite as good. Leads right into...
(((12))) Melodic, notes then some acoustic strumming (!?!) and a slow mornfull feeling into chugging, sort of aggressive metal with a KILLER breakdown (3:55-4:05).

Track Listing
1. Enemy of God   7. Murder Fantasies
2. Impossible Brutallity   8. When Death Takes It's Domini
3. Suicide Terrorist   9. One Evil Comes - a Million F
4. World of Anarchy   10. Dying Race Apocalypse
5. Dystopia   11. Under a Total Blackened Sky
6. Voices of the Dead   12. The Ancient Plague