Twisted Sister / Still Hungry
Album: Still Hungry   Collection:General
Artist:Twisted Sister   Added:Dec 2004
Label:Spitfire Records Inc.  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-08-05
80's Hard Rock/Metal band re-doing their biggest album. Twisted Sister is another band that got famous on their not-so-good songs. Classics like “Burn In Hell” still work really well though. There’s a more reverb on the vocals giving it a little more of a “older” sound. Overall sort of amusing but not that necessary.

((((1)))) Classic hard rock/metal 80’s anthem with a posi-message. Super catchy & unforgetable vocals from Dee.
2) More reverb on the vocals. Same bad drum sound & cheesy repetition. Nothing too good. Even worse that they shilled for Gov. Ahhrnuld with this tune. Sounds like bad Cheap Trick. Ugh!
((((3)))) They slowed down the chorus on this one but it’s generally it’s solid hard rocker with a variety of tempos and an “evil” message.
((4A))/((((4B)))) “Captain Howdy” (Part A) Plodding, slow & kinda uninspired “Street Justice” (Part B, starts at -4:19) mid-tempo and story-telling feel, mixes Judas Priest & old Alice Cooper. Radness!
((5)) Another one like “We’re Not Gonna Take It” where they there’s some great PARTS of the song but you cut the chorus then they might’ve had a great song. OK, I confess! I wanna rock, too!
((((6))))) One of those things you’d have to understand about the early 80’s HM - some bands actually recorded ballads that did NOT suck! This is one such example. Amazingly awesome vocals & good lyrics.
((((7)))) Straight-forward and rippin’ heavy rock in the classic T.S. way. Some nice bass & guitar work all ‘round.
((((8)))) Slow, pounding mixing up Alice Cooper & Judas Priest influences but mostly something of Dee’s own “Twisted” mind.
((((9)))) Classic, basic confrontational heavy fuckin’ metal. This is the kinda tune you wanted to crank in front of all of the jocks & pop zombies whilst flippin’ them the bird! (S.M.F. = Sick Motherfucker” but no FCCs here).
((((10)))) Very 80’s riffing with some KILLER vocals. The chorus is almost TOO melodic but the snarling verses make it all work. Shit, why didn’t they put this one on and dump “I Wanna Rock”? Oh yeah record companies, MTV, etc, etc...
(((11))) Starts off like a heavier version of Pat Benetar’s “Heartbreak” but starts laying the similarity to waste pretty quick. Nice melodic hard rocker but the chorus is just so-so.
2004 era tracks
(((((12))))) Duralable, anthemic number kinda like “Never Say Never”. Solid riffing & bass work all around.
(((13))) Aggressive riffing at mid-tempo this is a re-working of “Captain Howdy” but more interesting. Like T.S. meets Montrose.
((((14)))) Damn, this is one of their BEST riffs they’ve EVER done and they didn’t release it ‘til now?
((((15)))) Super bad-ass riff & metal unity theme! “Disco is slowly dying/we’re settling off the score”. “Disco”? Would they be wanting to kill boy bands?
(16) Oy vey! This is severely lame! Sounds like this one was supposed to be on some baaaad 80’s soundtrack like a Slyvester Stallone or Dolph Lungren movie. This shit is Bryan Adams not Twisted Fuckin’ Sistah!

Track Listing
1. Stay Hungry   9. S.M.F.
2. We're not Gonna Take It   10. Never Say Never
3. Burn in Hell   11. Blastin' Fast & Loud
4. Horror Teria   12. Come Back
5. I Wanna Rock   13. Plastic Money
6. The Price   14. You Know I Cry
7. Don't Let Me Down   15. Rock N Roll Saviors
8. The Beast   16. Heroes Are Hard to Find