Ahleuchatistas / Same and the Other, the
Album: Same and the Other, the   Collection:General
Artist:Ahleuchatistas   Added:Dec 2004
Label:Noreaster Failed Industry  

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Lee Kyang Hae

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2006-07-02
Excellent instrumental trio from North Carolina. Their focused on making prog-rock, hard jazz fusion, improv-ish stuff. No bullshit “irony” here just straight-ahead & to the point. Most songs are under 3-4 minutes,
((((1)))) Flurrys of drums, slowly decending/ascending scales and a heft of fun, rockin’ fusion/prog.
(((2))) Loose, off-kilter, stop-starts aplenty.
(((((3))))) Rolling 70’s vibe with a bit of twangy guitar, excellent basswork.
(((((4))))) Wild intro, tempos proceed to shake around all over. Challenging & rewarding.
(((((((5)))))) Crazy stop & starts, simply incredible tight playing all around!
(((((6))))) Continuing where they just left off but slower & off-kilter.
((((7)))) Snaking pace, rumbling bass in your face.
((((8))) Slightly indie rock intro then a downpour of notes, ever-shifting speeds and levels.
(((((9))))) This building and builds and never seems to stop. Wow!
(((10))) Rolling along and hops around in a fantastic 70’s jazz-fusion way. There’s even cowbell. (Just played for the sake of it, not for hipster schmucks).
(((((11))))) Loud heavy thudding mixed with quiet jazzy parts. Very nice.
(((12))) Improv-crazed number, a little too random in places.

Track Listing
1. Cracked Teeth   7. RPG1
2. Ecstacy Combat Boots   8. RPG2
3. Imperceptibility   9. RPG3
4. Good Question   10. The Day the Earth Stood Stil
5. Falling Bards   11. Shots Rang Out at the Press
6. Lee Kyang Hae   12. Joyous Disruptions