Blackouts / History in Reverse
Album: History in Reverse   Collection:General
Artist:Blackouts   Added:Dec 2004
Label:K Records  

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1. Apr 03, 2005: Strange Attractor
4. Feb 22, 2005: The Devil's Collective
Idiot, (The Pre-Version)
2. Mar 30, 2005: Brownian Motion
Happy Hunting Ground
5. Feb 18, 2005: Distraction-Limited
3. Feb 27, 2005: Robot Talent Show

Album Review
Reviewed 2005-02-05
The short-lived, under-appreciated Blackouts were making music during the early 80's in Seattle before Seattle became "relevant." As the album title suggest the tracks on this collection are in reverse chronological order. Pretty clever. Vocals are almost overpowered by instruments--with synth and saxophone(!) figuring in as prominently as pummeling drums and loud, jarring guitars. Most times you have no idea what the singer is even going on about the first time around. It's really the sound of his voice that matters. Alternating warbles and screams sound sinister yet paranoid; monotone yet frantic. Social criticisms lurk around. Also, memebers of Blackouts left to join Ministry. I know nothing about Ministry except that they're supposedly a seminal industrial band. Blackouts are undeniable post-punk, but there are definitely hints of what I'd call an industrial sound here. Can get repetitive, but doesn't sound at all dated. FCC clean.

1. Nonstop drums and screeching, angular guitars.
2. Lots of saxophone! Strangely reminds me of a song by The Cure--Forest maybe?
3. More of the same.
*4. You could totally dance to this if you wanted. Dancepunk before DFA and !!!? Ends with a crazy echoing vocal.
*5. Crazy guttral noises and wailing. Mixing up vocal style is awesome.
6. Vocals at their most discernible. Most subdued but yet most frightening track.
7. Distorted saxophone is back in the mix and in most songs from this point on.
8. Another dancepunk track.
9. Prove they're socially aware offering a freak-out criticism of the youth.
*10. Dance! Vocal style changes; less detached but still sounds mildly retarded or drunk.
*11. "I'm waiting to see/If I could be one of those people in my dreams"--Me too! Almost sounds wistful.
12. A touch of "arcade" music--sounds remind me of videogame noises.
13. No vocals but music can carry itself and still sounds compelling and urgent.
14. Hints of country and blues. Less agressive than others.
15. More "arcade" elements. He sounds a little like Tim Harrington of Les Savy Fav to me here. More social criticism but over funny, cartoonish music--doesn't work for me.
16. Alternate earlier version of Track 4. Less polished.

Track Listing
1. Happy Hunting Ground   9. Young Man
2. It's Clay Again   10. Daed Man's Curve
3. Chipped Beef   11. Probability
4. Idiot   12. Being Be
5. Writhing   13. Five Is 5
6. Everglades   14. The Underpass
7. Exchange of Goods   15. Make no Mistake
8. Industry   16. Idiot, (The Pre-Version)