People Like Us / Abridged Too Far
Album: Abridged Too Far   Collection:General
Artist:People Like Us   Added:Nov 2004
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Album Review
Reviewed 2005-02-01
People Like Us mixes up old music often off of vinyl with familiar yet jarring results. Almost easy listening, but something is always jabbing you. A collection of tracks broadcast live on WFMU and on a John Peel session. Sounds a lot like her recent WFMU album, Nothing Special, which makes sense. A few tracks are from previous seven-inches.

1) Mellow spring day with vocal snippets 2) goofy remix of lots of uptempo tracks, and funny noises. Even a little yoddling. ((3)) Mash up of a number of old tracks: Que Sera Sera, I’ve got you under my skin, etc. nice end result. 4) Short track, with blips of electronic noise over a track with men singing and a little trumpet. 5) Piano, violin track modulated by the speed. Makes me feel a little queasy. 6) Whistling, plodding track, snippets of treated male vocals whirl about. ((7)) Dolly Parton: Dolly Parton track that goes backwards with “um, um, um, w, w, w, w”. One of my favorite tracks from Stifled Love. 8) long track that goes through several goofy songs via electronic noise. Funny vocals at one point: “no, no, no” and “she’s too fat for me, it’s alarming” 9) Short track with ringing bells. Pretty, guitar and just the start of vocals help out. ((10)) Melancholy. Simular to a track on the Nothing Special album. Rainy day music. ((11)) Off tune cowboy vocals, harmonica. Nice. ((12)) Kazoo, yoddling, weird, very nice. 13) German version of Downtown mash up. 14) Slow loungey song, digital manipulation, and brass ((15)) Beautiful, soft, with edges of digital manipulation. Excellent. (((16))) Carpenters, Close to you, remix. Noisey. Excellent and dark. I’m getting visions of barfing Barbies. Turns into PLU’s When I was Young track featuring Elton John samples. Wow! ((17)) Goofy version of We All Live in a Yellow Submarine. Pretty great! ((18)) Whistling song turns into full fledged noise. Very nice. Almost fire alarm quality. 19) Pretty light music with some woman speaking in a whispy voice. ((20)) Mellow light music with xylophone, some female vocals, male vocals reminding us that we will all die. ((21)) Choppy mash up with lots o’ sources. Has a everything, but the kitchen sink feeling.

Track Listing
1. Nothing   11. Cattle Call
2. The Doody Waltz   12. Abridged Too Far
3. I've Got You   13. Bier Bier Bier Downtown
4. Gesundheit!   14. Sedimental Journey
5. Who Cares   15. Swinglargo
6. Ja Ich   16. Close to You
7. Dolly Parton   17. Retreat to Fade
8. Ach Du   18. Happy Wanderer
9. Listen to the   19. Downtown Once
10. Tiny Labyrinth of Distractio   20. Do or Diy
  21. Nobody Does