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To Go to
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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2005-04-18
A sampler from German label Staubgold. I don’t usally add samplers but this double cd is varied and interesting enough that it warrants a place on the a-file, not to mention all the acts are stellar (from Faust vs Dalek to Oren Ambarchi to Kammerflimmer Kolltief to Keith Rowe) and that getting the original import releases for free is usually impossible. Both CDs have an overall chill tone, with elements of world, electronica, ambience, experimentalism with the first CD chok full of Icelandic style dark beautiful indie pop. Great stuff.

CD1: (mix of experimentalism with dark brooding elegant indie pop)
beautiful ambient drone intro, slow plod bassline appears but goes nowhere in a lush way reminiscent of Mogwai/Sigur Ros
2) female vocs, pretty piano music (feels Icelandic or something), for fans of dark pretty indie pop
3) reggae/rasta voc delivery over minimal dark electronica
4) electrobeat, chill w/ eastern sounding instruments
5) chill percussive feel turns pleasant pop instrumental feel, w/ vocs appearing late
6) simple acoustic guitar/piano duet, very nice with string arrangements
7) sung auf Deutsch, simple indie pop feel but with lush dreamy quality
8) really dark simple, murmured vocs, sparse guitar
9) gamelan samples build with electronics, cool
10) Faust vs. Dalek: smokin’ experimental hip hop, heavy dark beat, play this track at least
11) trippy space-age Ry Cooder (paris texas) guitar noodles with primo electro-ambience
12) brief ambient post rockish snippet

CD2: (darker, chill experimentalism mostly)
1) chill lush trippy downtempo
2) dark ambience and swirling tones
3) pulsing dark chill, Einstruzende comes to mind
4) dark w/ tribal rhythm and sporadic congas, cool and evil
5) great trippy loop, hynotic and creepy
6) hypnotic and not as creepy
7) avante chill, sparse, moments of quiet
8) very chill, late night ambience, pretty
9) very chill, deep sine waves start out, builds in a fine Eno-Fripp’esque manner
10) more melodic, almost songlike, very chill still
11) sample blurps, chill
12) very chill, almost an interlude
13) more sparse chillness
14) again, very minimal stuff here, hypnotic loops w/ organic feel, longer as guitar appears, pleasant

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Minit Now Right Here (Edit)
2. Kat Cosm, the My Letter of Fate I Write Fo
3. Mapstation Feat. Ras Donovan Be True
4. Thilges 3 + Asim Al Chalabi Izdiucz
5. Sun Help Yourself
6. Wechsel Garland and World Stan Donde Lion Wine
7. Die Welttraumforscher Sommer Unter Sternen
8. Rand and Holland Run Faye Run
9. Klangwart I/O (Edit)
10. Faust Vs. Dalek T-Electronique
11. Ehlers, Ekkehard and Fruiscant Grisaisse 1
12. Kammerflimmer Kollektief There's a Weight on You, but
13. Kammerflimmer Kollektief Vigilia
14. Suchy, Joseph Calabi.Yau (Edit)
15. Wirkus, Paul Blask
16. Roberts, Dean The Face and Detached
17. Loop Orchestra, the Radiophony (Edit)
18. Reuber Foreverof
19. Schumacher, Michael J Room Piece (Edit)
20. [3/TAU] Hegenbart, Boris D/Sie Makrobe-Nepasouvrir
21. Horscroft, Scott Sprinter
22. Sack Und Blumm To Go to
23. Agf Burning Fraquencies
24. Irmler, Hans Joachim Kliene Welt
25. Ambarchi, Oren and Rowe, Keith Flypaper Iii (Edit)
26. Ehlers,Ekkehard/Suchy, Joseph/ Soundchambers 1