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1. May 01, 2005: No Baseball This Sunday
East Pacific Rise
3. Apr 12, 2005: The Panoply
East Pacific Rise
2. Apr 14, 2005: Megatron Marathon
Bronze Regatta

Album Review
Margot Seeto
Reviewed 2005-04-07
Spacey post-rock-ish. Echo-y and distorted guitar and bass with drums, with cello, piano, and chimes at times. First couple songs have a quiet feel, but album gets more intense as it progresses. PLAY ALL.
1) *“East Pacific Rise” (5:34). Gentle, slow. Intro: slow to fast guitar strums to fade. 0:21 just guitar, 0:36 gentle drums. 1:14 melody emerges. 2:03 quiet, small crescendo, back to song patern. 2:53 faint dissonant guitar in background. 4:16 all instruments louder. 5:14 starts to get quiet.
2) “King Of Prussia” (4:33). Intro is same as end of previous song. 0:31, slow deeper drums than first song. Cello, which gets spacier as guitar take precedent. 2:48 deeper accompaniments grow stronger, song tension builds. Spacey, tinny piano in background. 3:45 touch o’chimes, which appear again later in song.
3) “New Buffalo” (6:14). Quiet and kind of like other songs at first, but builds up and gets going about 2/3 in to song. Quiet guitar intro, 0:17 gentle high percussion roll, which repeats, addition of stronger, slower beat around 1:00. 2:00 some minor melodies. 3:00 high, fast guitar takes the stage. 4:00 faster drumbeat, 4:12 intense, repetitive guitar. 4:40 builds and crashes again. Gentle, fadeout of instruments. Ends on high guitar. End at 6:12.
4) “Great Salt Lake” (6:05). Bit of a darker, more intense song. Intro: stronger, deeper bass with a different echo-y repeat than other songs. 0:26 percussion gently comes in. 0:42 high guitar creeps in, gets stronger and faster to 1:20 where haunting echo picks up on all instruments. 1:57 guitar gets a little nuts. 2:00 distortion kicks up. 3:44 bass and guitar get whiny, slower. 4:23 noise is back. 5:48 cool drums only until end. End at 6:03.
5)**“West Gayler Flyover” (10:37). A tumultuous journey alone in space. Intro: slow bass, some violin. Creepily pretty. 0:45 spacey tumbleweeds pass by in background. 1:03 guitar and unusual percussion package. 1:45 guitar louder, with minor melody. 2:47 startlingly loud distorted guitar. 3:20 back to quiet. 4:39 loud guitar and distorted bass back, but different arrangement. 6:17 slow recovery from craziness. Just kidding, back at 7:40. 10:15 sounds like switchboard beeps, more space tumbleweeds. Whew.
6)**“Bronze Regatta” (6:32). Prettily melodic, slow first half. Percussion-centric second half. Slow guitar and bass, 0:20 distorted percussion. Violin bow along edge of high hat? 3:05 intense, deeper percussion, with bass keeping time. 3:55 beat gets more intense, a little fancier. 4:30 guitar presence gets stronger. 5:14 feel the buildup. 5:29 quiet implosion. Beachy percussion. 6:00 to end, kind of blippy. End at 6:29.

Track Listing
1. East Pacific Rise   4. Great Salt Lake
2. King of Prussia   5. Westgaler Flyover
3. New Buffalo   6. Bronze Regatta