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Artist:Bellflur   Added:Nov 2004
Label:Modular Moods  

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Ana Intro
2. Mar 11, 2005: Midnight Meanderings
Pretty Piece/ Disappear
5. Feb 17, 2005: Multiple Personality Disorder
A Few Steps
3. Mar 03, 2005: Multiple Personality Disorder
Pretty Piece/ Disappear
6. Feb 16, 2005: The Panoply
Pretty Piece/ Disappear

Album Review
Peter Porcino
Reviewed 2005-02-06
Bellflur – Bellflur – Modular Mood Records

Airy, soft, electronicly-laden rock. I thought of early Floyd (Piper at the Gates of Dawn, but not as psychedelic) mixed with some AIR and Radiohead. Some nice vocals, harmonies reminiscent of “Mother” from The Wall.

Look to 1,5,6,8 as highlights. FCC Clean

1. * (643) Slow, soft, sparse – acoustic guitar intro, adds bells, then electric guitar. Airy male vocals at 1:00 with occasional backing harmony. Picks up 3 mins in w/ heavier guitar work and drums. 7s fade
2. Bass intro, airy guitar, vocals 30s in. Electronic clicking and effects. Subtle crescendo/temp increase. OK Computer Radiohead. Chorus repeats throughout, somewhat excessively. Sustained climax from 2:30-4:15, calms to bookend bass outro for last 30s w/ airy electronic elements.
3. (2:15) Ambient instrumental intro to #4. Slow, airy, sparse. Haunting electronics. Fades directly into next track.
4. (5:45) More upbeat, faster. Solid, driving drums. Stuttering base-line as foundation. Light static overlay and piano. Light, distant vocals at 1:20. Duet in which the singers trade off taking over the line – cool effect. Guitar comes in and out – more Radiohead than Floyd. Electronic effects crescendo and eclipse vocals for last 25s, abrupt end w/ 2s left.
5. * (8:54) Simple song w/ pretty piano intro. Vocals jump in over piano at 20s – no words, harmonies of “Ahh”s until 1:00. Guitar and keyboard trade off nicely. Light drums. Intrumental section at 4:15 – nice keyboard solo (w/ a Zero7 feel) more bass and guitar. Vocals back at 7:45, then instrumental for last 30s.
6. * (4:01) Down-tempo, pretty, melodic intrsumental. Piano intro w/ snare shuffle cover (fuzzy effect). Creative bass and electronic trim. Pleasantly monotonous, insect noise w/ 10s left, then a few seconds of static.
7. (4:38) Slow-feeling song w/ upbeat, fast drums. Expectant, haunting electronic crescendos w/ light drums. Picks up at :40 w/ vocals soon thereafter. Some Zero7 again, Radiohead vocal elements. Last minute is instrumental and electronic.
8. * (4:31) Slow, gentle. 25s intro to vocals (I thought of a sedated Chris Cornell at first, maybe b/c of the Audioslave lyrics). Electric bells for the melody keeps it lighthearted. Bass colors the song nicely. Some cool work on the drum machine. No vocals after 2:30 – electronic instrumental w/ nothing obtrusive
9. (7:25) Slow, diverse song w/ Radiohead feel. 20s timpani and drum kit intro into vocals. Slow, soft w/ light keyboard melody. Vocal crescendo w/ background singers – use some echo and distortion. Nice use of bells. Song drags on repetitively. Solid piano work for last minute. Buzz transitions into #10.
10. (5:57) Continues from 9, but stands alone. Instrumental. Haunting high-pitched creaks and chimes. Nice, subtle piano. Bass and drums at :45. Piano shines here in an understated way. Good electronic accents. Simple, sparse bass. Song picks up at 2:30 – more prominent, “singing” electronics; new context makes the piano feel more upbeat. Electronic shuffle/whisper for last 1:00
11. (5:24) Slow, laid-back song. Floydian (Meddle) entrance, vocals at 1:00, strummed guitar and light, even electronic additions. Bells, tambourine and toms throughout. Much of the sound drops out at 4:15 then crescendos back in.

Track Listing
1. Intro Song   6. Slow Song
2. New Song   7. Teeth and Claws
3. Ana Intro   8. White Walls
4. Ana   9. A Few Steps
5. Pretty Piece/ Disappear   10. Piano/Bass
  11. Drive Away