Hidden Hand, the / Mother Teacher Destroyer
Album: Mother Teacher Destroyer   Collection:General
Artist:Hidden Hand, the   Added:Nov 2004
Label:Southern Lord Recordings  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2005-01-03
This is Hidden Hand’s 2nd album. Hidden Hand as you might remember is fronted by Scott “Wino Weinrich (St. Vitus, Probot, Place of Skulls, et. al.). He ins’t writing as much of the “out there” political stuff - which he now says was kind of tongue & cheek. However, the fact that “The Deprogramming of Tom Delay” is an instrumental was kind of a let down. Otherwise, you have one HELL of a fine doom metal/70’s inspired psychedelic heavy rock album here. Totally recommenend, dood...totally.
(((((1))))) Slow to fast, wailing, giant, heavy psych rock & doom!
((((2)))) A little more on the “loud bluesy” riffing and more slowed folksy, psych ‘ala Sabbath’s “Planet Caravan” or some oddball tracks like that. Lumbering and just enticing.
(((((3))))) Fuckin’ excellent classic doom/rock vibe. Something like a mix of Trouble (before they started sucking in the 90’s) and “Born Again”-era Sabbath. Great solo to boot!
((((((4))))) Slow & spacey trip out to the lost city of Mu on board Hawkwind’s hemp tubro power interplanetary craft! Suuuper psychedelic freak out!
(((((5))))) Acoustic strumming that wouldn’t be out of place on Ozzy’s “Diary Of A Madman” and also pieces together the best elements of early Joe Walsh, early Rush and mid-period Nazereth.
((((6)))) Reverb-laden vocals (but kind of off in the distance) with simple riffing & song structure. This is what they should play on classic rock stations, not Led Zep for the billionth time.
((((7))))) Slow & woozy psychedelic fuzz, not so heavy just as “heaaaavvvy maaaan!” if you catch my drift.
((((8)))) Thudding, heavy & slow + super easy to follow. Oddly enough this has an early Aerosmith vibe to the vocals ‘cept there’s not stupid double (or single) entederes
((((9))) More of a groovy thing going on with weird nexus of Blue Cheer, Blind Dog & Deep Purple. Strange lyrics about masons (“33 degrees”), martians, et. al.
((((10))))) Wow! Super excellent doom/rock with a Hawkwind by way of early Rush & Deep Purple. Classic rawk, dewd...you better believe it! (((((11)))) Bizarre-o-electronic layers and slow guitar rumbling & random sounds bubbling up to tweak with your mind but more recommended to ward off scumbags like Tom Delay. It later gets into a more ‘normal’ serious of riffs & whatnot. Ends very abruptly.

Track Listing
1. The Crossing Half Mast   6. Currents
2. Desensitized   7. Travesty As Usual
3. Draco Vibration   8. Coffin Lily
4. Black Ribbon   9. Sons of Kings
5. Magdalene   10. The Deprogramming of Tom Del