Screamin' Mee-Mees, the / Garbage Collage
Album: Garbage Collage   Collection:General
Artist:Screamin' Mee-Mees, the   Added:Nov 2004
Label:Gulcher Records  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2005-01-03
I originally thought this was going ot be some UR-punk from the early 70’s but it’s more like ur-lo-fi which in itself is not always bad thing. This is just two guys - one on percussion (sounds like a bucket or phone books) an guitar and vocals.
Something like twisted “done on the fly” folk. Some of this sounds like “hey this makes sense to us” but I feel like I’m not in on what’s so funny or amusing about what they’re doing but usually they’re on target and few people were doing oddball shit like this in 1975 much less in St. Louis! The Mee-Mee’s were named after an obscure 45 cut by none other than Merv Griffin in 1950-something.
((1)) Super lo-fi early drum machine & cheesy early Casio keyboard. No bad but drags on too long.
(((2))) Silly-ass cartoony “la-la-la-ing” with piano lesson styled music. A simple message but hey that’s the whole point.
((((3)))) Twisted politcal slow folksy rambler with a theme about hoping Jimmy Carter would save the country. (Man, I don’t miss the 70’s!). Pretty funny stuff if you can imagine if Neil Young was hella drunk busking on some Santa Cruz street corner in ‘76.
(((4))) Strummy Johnathan Richman number with bongo beats. You can’t really hear the vocals very well though.
(((5))) Clangy percussion, totally “on-the spot” sounding acoustic rant goofy anti-disco tune from 1975 - a few years before it even really took off. (Fuck you John Travolta!)
((6)) Lo-fi folk by way of 50’s balladry.
(7) Jeez is this a bad Cheech & Chong outtake? Skip this one, maan!
(((8))) Good percussion and guitar, almost sounds like Sebadoh but about 20 years before the fact.
((9)) Broken down county-folk number also like early Sebadoh but not quite as entertaining.
(((10))) Good strumming and random lyrics.
(11) Super randomness that doesn’t work.
((12)) Short number with a slight ur-punk feeling
((13)) Nice beat & such but kinda “there”
(((14))) Random weird improv but with some great guitar noodling.
((15)) A cover of somekind I dunno the original. Sounds like an early rockabilly, rock & roll tune. seriously fucked up but not that good.
(((16))) Echoy, reverb bedroom living room recording, improved goofs on “You Really Got Me” then strums into something of their own with another lo-fi Johnathan Richman vibe.
((17)) Goofy garbage can blues number, makes sense to them but not the listener.
((((18)))) Not at all like “The Godfather” but a strummy weird folk number about him getting bit by James Taylor!?! Weird but great! FCC at end singer shouts “what other fuckin’ songs do we know?”
(((19))) It’s been covered 18,000 times but this one still sounds nice!
(((20))) Nice strolling, rolling folk number with bongos.
(((21))) Slow strumming, country-folk styled, super simple & to the point.
((22)) More slow acoustic strums with a Palace/Will Oldham styled vocals,lyrics are kinda surreal. Later this gets kinda louder & more demented with the kooky backing vox & when they call out “you other objects”
(((23))) Funny take on an old tune (Bing Crosby? Sinatra? Rudy Valee?) with appropriate sound effects. Demented & fun.

Track Listing
1. Struck Out (Again) - 1978   12. I've Been a Rollin' Stone -
2. Be Retarded - 1978   13. You Wish that You Was You -
3. C'mon Jimmy - 1976   14. Untitled - 1980
4. A Group of Women - 1975   15. Daisy Mae - 1980
5. Disco for Drunks - 1975   16. Dirty Socks - 1980
6. No Known Antidote - 1975   17. Smokey Nightclub - 1980
7. Mouth Song - 1975   18. James Brown - 1980
8. Money Back Guarantee - 1975   19. Pipeline - 1980
9. I Drink Sody - 1975   20. The Jerseyville Bake-Off - 1
10. Too Young to Shave Part Two   21. The Radiator Song - 1976
11. Breathin' Bag - 1980   22. Why Can't a Watermelon Pray?
  23. I'll See You in My Dreams -