Telepathic Butterflies, the / Songs From a Second Wave
Album: Songs From a Second Wave   Collection:General
Artist:Telepathic Butterflies, the   Added:Nov 2004
Label:Rainbow Quartz Internatio  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2005-02-16
This Winnipeg trio offers up an album of pleasant enough 60's power-pop, wearing their Beatles influences on their sleeves. With a name like "The Telepathic Butterflies" you'd expect something a little more "psychedelic" but all you really get is straightforward pop songs. Don't buy the label's Olivia Tremor Control reference! That's not to say that their mix of jangly guitars, sweet vocal harmonies, and sugary melodies don't work. There are some pretty nice songs and they avoid being saccharine, but still feels transient and is riddled with songs that don't really hold up all the way through. FCC clean.

1. Bouncy tune about teenage drama.
**2. Strongest song. Very pretty and lovely harmonizing vocals that make a seamless transition into a burst of hand clapping. Changes up at the end.
3. One of those songs where the singer sings directly at you...wants to cheer you up here.
**4. A little bit of female background vocals helps this track.
5. Nice little narrative song, some neat rhymes.
6. Break in middle without vocals and drum solo. Screechy distorted guitar noises thrown in too--as "psychedelic" as it gets.
7. Darker narrative track about a girl that leaves home. Singer's voice really is pretty and lithe.
8. Another song where the rhyming lyrics and the singer's pronunciation of words stands out. But pretty nonsensical.
9. Very Beatlesque. Has a disjointed feeling. Drums remind me of a Bowie song.
10. Fun just to hear him sing "maladroit." A funny character sketch song.
11. Chorus sung in falsetto offers a nice contrast.
12. Wistful song about infidelity, but kind of loses its momentum before the end.
13. Chorus in French! Vocals end and song completely changes midway through.

Track Listing
1. Bonhomie   7. Rescue Mission
2. The Cutting Elm   8. One Calendar Year
3. Four Leaf Clover   9. Angry Young Man
4. Love (Is) for Hire   10. Sickly and the Awkward Gene
5. Bangor   11. The Guilty Party
6. A Passing Glance   12. The Uncomfortableness of Bei
  13. Big Bang!