Dixie Dirt / On Our Way Like We Never Met
Album: On Our Way Like We Never Met   Collection:General
Artist:Dixie Dirt   Added:Nov 2004
Label:Makeshift Music  

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Album Review
Margot Seeto
Reviewed 2005-04-07
Indie pop, sometimes slowcore and shoegaze, to throbbing beats with distortion and yelling. Throaty female vox with slight twang - reminiscent of Japan’s Love Psychedelico. Songs have long instrumental interludes. Band is half female, half male, from Knoxville, TN.
1)*“Boulevards” (6:31). Organic transition from quiet and slow to loud. Rich bass under guitar. 0:20 shaker and mysterious. 0:39 vox, then instrumentation is reduced. 1:00 bass/guitar pick up a bit. 1:19 layered vox. Same pattern for a while. 3:33 soft male backup vox. 4:30 song escalates with yelling vox, dominating electric guitar plucks. 4:50 snare beat. 5:43 quiets down again. End 6:23.
2)*“Small Town Crisis” (7:40). Opens with rolling beat and distorted guitars, steady strong bass. 2:28 strong female vox with male backups in. 3:28 instrumentation. 4:20 vox back. 5:00 song significantly slows down. 5:20 changes time again, though still slow - guitar and bass with drums. 6:40 drums drop out. 7:10 slooows even more. Can fade out from 7:20 on.
3) “Teeth” (20:50). Hella long. Quiet until about 0:20. Slow, creeping guitar and bass. 0:45 cool marriage of synthesizer beat and drum beat. 2:22 guitar melody takes center. 2:47 a bit louder, spurt of faint keyboard scale. 3:08 bass subtly stronger, as rest of instruments louder to 3:25 - to slower tempo. Song pulses like this for a while. 5:10 gentle, higher female vox in over gentler instrumentation. 7:04 song changes tempo and sound, though returns to vocal melody at 7:43. 8:42 quieter and slower, no vox - focus on drums for a bit, a decrescendo-ing snare. 9:10 f and m harmonizing vox. 10:00 echo-y lead f vox over the harmonizing ones. 10:27 echo-y yelling. 12:10 slower, fewer instruments, but backup vox still there. 13:05 mostly vox, switching to focus on stark guitar and bass. 15:27 guitar/bass pick back up. Instrumentation for rest of song. End at 20:39.
4)*“Lipstick” (5:01). Mid-tempo, poppier (spacey). Constant gentle keyboard background in addition to drum, bass, guitar. 0:44 keyboards start to have own poppy life. 0:56 harmonizing m/f vox in. 4:30 more focus on beats. End 4:52.
5) “Defender” (6:34). Strong drums. 0:15 slightly surfy/twangy guitars in over bass. 0:40 more into a melody. Faint keyboard chords, organ-like, 1:45 more prominent. 2:33, two-guitar melody. 2:58 m/f vox. 5:30 song starts to get a little crazy - faster drums, dissonant guitars. 6:00 slower again. End 6:20.
6)“Teenager Killer” (8:41). Instrumental. Catchy intro. 0:24 more focus on guitars, some slides and vibratto. 1:27 louder melody. 1:40 a bit quieter again. 2:26 dissonance and minor guitar. 4:08 significantly slower, slowly gets to another slow guitar melody. End about 8:30.
7)*“Why’d You Have To Leave Me Like That” (12:01). Slow. Silent until 0:04, with short faint motor sound. 0:08 acoustic guitar. 0:15 moving water sounds later a car taking off, which repeats. 0:35 m/f harmonizing vox. 1:00 soothing backup vox. Faint keyboard in background. 2:42 echo-y electric guitar imitates backup vox. 3:00 children’s voices, more engine sounds. 3:41 sounds like song is ending, with only faint engine sounds. Silent 4:03-4:13, when bass comes in slow, plucking. Then guitar. 4:53 more guitar, lazy drums. 5:35 f vox. Starts to fade at 11:16. End at 11:46.

Track Listing
1. Boulevards   5. Defender
2. Small Town Crisis   6.
3. Teeth   7. Teenager Killer
4. Lipstick   8. Why'd You Have to Leave Me L