Porest / Prude Juice for the Heritage S
Album: Prude Juice for the Heritage S   Collection:General
Artist:Porest   Added:Nov 2004
Label:Seeland Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2004-11-16
Wow! Cultural fuckery, sample art, pranks, whatever you want to call it this is in the tradition of Negativland, People Like Us, and the Tape Beatles. Each track takes some cultural sound artifact and twists it ever so slightly giving it a very dark and fucked up feel. This is Mark from local group Mono Pause and put out on Negativland’s record label. This pushes some boundaries which is really refreshing. Be prepared to maybe even be offended.
**1. Percussion. Some metal on metal percussion. Lots of different types of percussion, along with a high pitched tone and dark tones. He sneaks in some looped country guitar, singing, and talking. The country singing is all chopped up.
**2. Complete destruction of a southern rock song I can’t place. Is that Dan Folgelberg? It’s chopped, looped, reordered. “some men petition when I hit her in the nose. This is amazing.
**3. One of the best sample art pieces I’ve ever heard. A guy telling a story about his wife making “first dumplings” which gets chopped up and changed into chopping up his wife and leaving her in the woods. “Fist my wife”. There is a little folk guitar underneath.
4. Sounds like one of those people who talk through a tube their throat.
5. Simple beat and bass along with someone trying to make duck sounds.
**6. Sheep noises and a voice from some educational film about sheep. After some dark electronics there are some acceded radio voices pressing someone “what animal? What animal was it?” “If you don’t know just guess!”
7. Twisted, goofy instrumental electronics, like Stock Hausen and Walkmen.
8. Starts like track 7 but gets further out with what sounds like lots of found sounds.
**9. Wow. This one pushes the limits. Goofy cartoon keyboards which disappear and give way to a computer synthesized voice of a woman talking about how she likes Nazis “I love Nazi guys, they are so cool”. “Excuse me; I’m going to Jamba juice”.
10. “I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning” looped over silly keyboards. 11. Slowed down voices.
12. Quiet. Dogs barking. Random words.
13. Looped banjo and electronics.
14. Dark and quiet.
**15. Disconcerting in some way. Busy with lots of changes and noisy at times. Female talking at the end.
16. Noisy loop. “Louise” A quick, cheap loop of the word “soothing” at the end.
**17. Sample off a radio talk show. The caller is calling about having a stroke and the host just keeps saying things like “great”. Very much like People Like Us.
18. I can’t tell what this guy is talking about. Just this guy talking no other sounds.
19. Static and drone to begin. Then a guy talking about meditating. The track gets very quiet, even silent at the halfway point.
AMAZING stuff!!! -mph

Track Listing
1. Fought for Me   10. Flip for Tomorrow
2. Skin Bitch   11. Switchgrass
3. Fist Dumplings   12. Mind the Servent
4. Life Sentences   13. Mid-Stride Sensitive Poised
5. Larynx King   14. Wrong Raelty
6. Composition of Sheep   15. Bug Duczka
7. Pasture Pressure   16. Soothing Louise
8. Kumer Meridian   17. Mini-Stroke
9. Millennial Smoothie   18. Following Laws
  19. Happening