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Artist:Scarve   Added:Oct 2004

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-11-02
6 really talented headbangers from Nancy, France. If you want to pin this one down subgenre wise - it’s technical, modern death/thrash metal. A lot has been written about their influences like - Death, Atheist and Cynic. I’d also say that there are unconscious Strapping Young Lad & Morbid Angel inspirations at play here.

Scarve knows how to play both technique and intensity keep it from get boring. Highly recommend if you looking for a band to advance a rather stagnate style.

((((1)))) Soft strumming suddenly decending into rythmic yet melodic death/thrash metal. Solid melodic vs death vocal breakdown at 2:50. Great Chuck Schuldiner like riffing & soloing. (Me thinks these guys listen to jazz-fusion).
(((2))) Charges right out of the gate with thudding, ripping & super-speedy death metal. Some nice crashing breakdowns and a strong influence from Morbid Angel and some of the better Swedish DM bands of the current era.
(((((3))))) In a word: Crushing! Ultra-fast series of notes at dizzing speed. Then slows down here & there with a solid clean singing breakdown. The last :45 seconds have an INCREDIBLE amount of intensity so much so that you REALLY need to hear this one a few times to actual believe it!
((4)) Slow chuggin’ riffage with some odd vocal flows. Overall, this one’s just ‘eh’. The cymbal crashes & the solo are both very well done, though.
(((5))) Slow, bass & rather 80’s style intro. Huge sound like SYL got on the “City” album. Lots of battering drums, odd metered tempos, the oft-repeated chorus makes this one kind of drag though.
((((6)))) Killer jazzy/Durutti Column style intro then weird Voi Vod/Ved Buendes End/Slint kind of chords and whispering vocals. Slowish winding & almost (ulp!) ballad like but damn is this solid!
((((7)))) More of what they did in the first two tracks but with a tiny hint of “Reign”-era Slayer tonalities (not as obvious as most bands, though!) mixed with weirded out patterns that just don’t sound like the would fit but they do. Serious weird but killer & intense now-era metal!
((((8)))) Straight-up crunch riffing ‘ala 90’s-era Sepultura, Fear Factory then put into their own mix of changing tempos. Soft yet intense vocals and then aggro parts with some excellent riffing. One of the few things that borders on “MTV2 Metal” that actually pretty damn good!
((((9)))) Stop-starts ‘ala Metallica “Whiplash” then grandiose feeling of riffs & overall tempo, also mechanical style of percision & repetition then totally thudding staight-ahead death fuckin’ metal mixed up with the SYL style of melodic vocals.

Track Listing
1. Mirthless Perspectives   5. Hyperconscience
2. An Emptier Void   6. The Perfect Disaster
3. Irradiant   7. Molten Scars
4. Asphyxiate   8. Fire Proven
  9. Boiling Calm