Grave / Fiendish Regression
Album: Fiendish Regression   Collection:General
Artist:Grave   Added:Oct 2004
Label:Century Media  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-11-02
Grave stemmed from the intial crop of Swedish death metal bands that took a strong influence from the like of Death, Autopsy, Morbid Angel & Slayer.
This one is a good effort with a doomy influence and lots & lots of good basic riffing. No tech shit on here it’s all about the RIFFS!

((((1)))) Starts almost like M**allica’s “The Thing That Should Not Be” and suddenly goes into a loud, low-tuned doom/death number. This one sounds like Death mixed with Master. Excellent riffs & solid basic drumming.
((((2)))) Faster, thudding but serious in a groove like all QUALITY death metal should be. Shifts from kinda fast to mid-tempo to doom overall. Some squirrelly old Slayer-like breaks (not solos) in the mix too. Bonus points for the Tom G.. Warrior like “t(h)rash!” at 1:26
((((3)))) Jud-judding, 6 note riffage then a hugely sustained note that spells out CLASSIC death/doom.This in a weird sorta way sounds like an updated version of Hellhammer mixed up with Death (the band) circa: “Spiritual Healing”.
(((4))) Flanger effects, then 5-note death/thrash crunch tone and slow build up to blast beat battering O.T.T. death metal with some pretty solid breakdowns. Overall, the repetition along with the inclusion of kinda annoying pinch harmonics makes this one lose points.
((((5)))) Big ass drum sound into a BIG-ASS GALLOP RIFF ‘ala Carcass circa: “Necroticism” and some wallopping breakdowns. The catchiest song on the entire album. I just wish they’d do something about their lame lyrics!
(((6))) More Carcass/Death like groove-riffing with a a weird mix of up of one guitar going slow then the other fast but forget that now they’re thrashin’ ‘til death! Fast as fuck but I dunno this stuff was soooo prevalent in the 90’s and it just doesn’t standout in this era. The all too obvious Slayer worship doesn’t help much either.
((7)) Slow, bass/drums then doom/death action with some harmonics in the mix. Total 1991-92 era death metal but more on the uninteresting side of Obituary/Death. The riffs are great but the vocals and the overall length of the song is just too much.
(((8))) Fast, intense as fuck like Exodus “Piranha” riff but later gets bogged down into some doomed riffage that’s “just there” and the vocals just don’t do enough to keep your interest.
((9)) Slow kinda almost "grove metal” riffing like Pantera/Machine Head. Then it gets into more doom then as if all of the preceeding never happened, it goes to total blasting thrashin’ death metal with a fairly solid groove.

Track Listing
1. Last Journey   5. Trial By Fire
2. Reborn   6. Out of the Light
3. Awakening   7. Inner Voice Bloodfeast
4. Breeder   8. Heretic