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Album: Leviathan   Collection:General
Artist:Mastodon   Added:Oct 2004
Label:Relapse Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2004-11-28
Metal. Straight forward metal. So straight forward it’s somewhat of a surprise. No hardcore influences, no death or black metal influences, no mainstream influences and hell, the record is a concept record about the sea (actually vaguely relating to Moby Dick). Now that is metal! Solid heavy riffs, great sounding production and vocals you can understand a lot of the time. This is their 2nd album, they are from Atlanta, GA, and the band contains members and ex-members of Today is the Day and High on Fire. Imagine combining Burnt by the Sun, Iron Maiden and Master of Puppets along with a little Randy Rhoads. I have to admit it’s taken this band a long time to grow on me (I haven’t liked them much) then something clicked and now I can't stop listening to this CD.
**1. Check that guitar riff. First straight rock and then into a heavy pummeling and during the chorus we get a chance (if we stop head banging) to scream “White Whale, Holy Grail”. Very Iron Maiden/metal prog rock guitar runs in the middle. “Break your backs and crack your oars men. If you wish to prevail!”. The singer of Clutch sings some on this track.
**2. Big buildup guitar. The guitars are an interesting combination of heavy rock, Iron Maiden, and melodic. Vocals sing slowly.
3. The melodic guitar intro reminds me of a combination of Randy Rhodes and “The Call of the Kutulu”. Vocals are strangely melodic and the drums are very busy but in the background. Sorta prog metal until the end.
4. A more distorted hard rock sound including the vocals which are harder to understand. Raw and heavy. A lot of vague references to Vikings, ancient gods, and Iceland. And the ending? “Gullfoss. Heimaey ‘73”??
**5. Big head banging guitar riff with a groove.
6. About a mythical (I think mythical) great white shark. One of the faster tracks. Twin guitar riff towards the end.
7. A track lot like track 3. More melodic and not as heavy with cleaner vocals. The guitar riff 1 minute in is a definite nod to “Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner” by Iron Maiden.
8. Technical and somewhat complex opening but not in a modern techie metal way…more like Iron Maiden/Rush. This turns into thrash and later a heavy pummeling riff. Vocals remind me of Neurosis. Oh just looked at the liner notes that IS the singer from Neurosis. Ends very quiet, with the sound of waves and wind and blends with track
**9. This intro is right off a Rhodes/Ozzy record. An epic track, under 14 minutes long. It goes through many changes, including a quiet part with clean, almost spoken vocals, a very prog-y section at the half way mark, and a longer solo.
10. Pretty and somewhat odd, instrumental acoustic guitar.
A really good record! -mph

Track Listing
1. Blood and Thunder   6. Megalodon
2. I Am Ahab   7. Naked Burn
3. Seabeast   8. Aqua Dementia
4. Island   9. Hearts Alive
5. Iron Tusk   10. Joseph Merrick