Camouflage Spaceship / State of the Spaceship Add, th
Album: State of the Spaceship Add, th   Collection:General
Artist:Camouflage Spaceship   Added:Sep 2004
Label:<No Label Info>  

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Add Date: 2004-10-11 Pull Date: 2004-12-13
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Album Review
the id
Reviewed 2004-10-20
Lots of funk, a bit of rap influence, maybe even a
bit of R&B influence makes for a fun CD. Mostly
upbeat, lots of wawa on the guitar and some
interesting synth work makes for some A-file
worthy material. I recommend tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 7,
10, 14, 15, and *16.
Ken (the id)

1. *Guitar scrapin’, wawa funk with some cool
synth in the mix. Later, some sax.
2. *Bouncy, poppin’ bass. Funky guitar rhythm
in the upper register . Like early Red Hot Chili
Peppers but slower. Chime playing later, nice
touch. Wawa guitar solo.
3. Spacey funk, girl/boy choral harmony, kazoo,
Makes me think of the coneheads of SNL lore.
4. *This one got my ten year old shakin’ his booty.
Interesting tempo change. Cool piano, synths. A
Tribute to Sun Ra.
5. *“Your funk don’t stank like my funk, your
funk don’t stank so good”. Repetitive, but silly
enough to be fun.
6. Melancholy lyrics with plodding drums and
guitar. Voice sound effects and echoing guitar
7. *Dreamy, soft instrumental about 2 minutes long
8. Monotone rapping. Video game sounding syth,
Early 80’s rap sounding drumming
9. Tribute to M.C. Danny Ray, whoever he is.
Cool wawa guitar solo and voice effects. Nice
Sax solo too.
10. *Cool distorted electric piano, some well used
lyrics but it’s a party anthem of sorts so that’s OK.
11. Distorted vocal intro accompanied with a
more soulful singer. Very 80’s, I think. Monotone
and monotempo rapping.
12. Lyrics would make for a good blues song.
Simple drums and guitar.
13. Gets nice and fast for a moment, but changes
and settles into a much slower groove. Funny
distorted lyrics later.
14. *Silly lyrics, playful piano, nice guitar solo
15. *Funny slam on drama queens
16. *Upbeat and catchy, maybe the best song on this CD

Track Listing
1. Nasty Off the Bat   9. M.C. Danny Ray
2. Calling My People   10. Visiting Earth
3. State of the Ship   11. Everybody Get Down
4. Sun Ra   12. Caller I.D.
5. Stank   13. Mr. Yuk
6. Letter to Mama   14. La La Land
7. P.S.   15. D.Q.
8. On Time   16. Wwjd?