Strong Intention / Extermination Vision
Album: Extermination Vision   Collection:General
Artist:Strong Intention   Added:Sep 2004

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Recent Airplay
1. Nov 07, 2004: Oh Messy Life
Panic in Year Zero
4. Sep 26, 2004: Oh Messy Life
Panic in Year Zero
2. Oct 14, 2004: Unpopular Enough To Be Difficult (sub for Orges)
Coercion of the Week
5. Sep 24, 2004: Bloodstains Across Atherton
Coercion of the Week
3. Oct 08, 2004: Baptism of Solitude
Beautiful World

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-10-17

Strong Intention - Extremination Vision (Coalition) This Maryland band has been making some raging thrashin’ hardcore. They call their style “ultra-core”. So expect lots of poiitical rage and blasting beat, ripping riffage and a wee bit of metallic guitar wailing in the mix. In gener
((((1)))) Speedy fast & wallopping ultra-core. Something like Man Is The Bastard on speed crossed with G-Anx?
(((2)))) More of the same in a way but with a devasting breakdown and stop starts.
((((3)))) Fuckin’ A this is relentless! Somewhere around OverTHHrow mixing with The Accüsed and W.H.N.?
(((((4))))) Suuuper angry & fast (FCC “fuck” two times. “I Don’t GIve A Fuck” and “How the fuck” )
(((5))) A tottal barrage in the style of underrated but brilliant band, No Comment. (FCC “plastic shit” 2 times the “fucking” parts aren’t audible).
(((6)))) Running at a million miles and railing against lies of our government’s policies
((((7)))) Starts off almost like something off a “Regin in Blood” Slayer-era.
((((8)))) Ultra-thudding yet pretty damn fast something like Lack Of Interest but with a slightly more metalic version of the pre-M.I.T.B. band, Neathderthal with some nice doomy passages.
((((9)))) Blasting out and pissed off (ok, sure the describes the whole album) almost bordering on grind. Killer drum work and some more doom rides.
((((10)))) Super heavy and eventually blasts off in again, an almost grind direction. Great lyrics, too!
(((((11))))) Grind/power-violence overkill with some amazing drum breaks.
((((12)))) Freaked out ultra-core/politcal grind FCCs “Fucking blind” 0:10, 0:24, 0:39
(((((13))))) Total Crossed Out worship!!! If you wanna know what all things “brutal” are - look no further!!!
((((14)))) Lots of low-end and battering and a lot of destruction in only 5 chords and a mere 1:53.

Track Listing
1. Panic in Year Zero   8. Biased
2. Rat Factory   9. Betray Humanity
3. Beautiful World   10. Third Space
4. Suffocation   11. Resign Ourselves to Failure
5. Impulse Armageddon   12. Slaughter Intelligence
6. Earthgrave   13. Coercion of the Week
7. Slash and Burn   14. Next of Kin