Shrub, George, and Lippman, Da / Singing Cia Agent George Shrub
Album: Singing Cia Agent George Shrub   Collection:Comedy
Artist:Shrub, George, and Lippman, Da   Added:Aug 2004
Label:Urgent Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2004-10-04
Dave Lippman / Singing CIA Agent George Shrub Live in Manhattan (Kansas)
Very timely political comedy, most of this will (hopefully) be outdated within a month. Mostly spoken word with a few anti-folk (with acoustic guitar) quirky tracks, often medleys, often of well-known tunes (e.g. Christmas songs). The humor is sometimes to the point, sometimes lame salesman-like. Most of the speaking parts, and some of the songs, are narrated by "CIA Agent George Shrub" where CIA stands for "Committee to Intervene Anywhere" – now you know what the humor is like.
All tracks are mildly amusing. Maybe 2, 9, 13, 15 more than others. Music tracks preceded by [m]
1. Intro, welcome George Shrub.
2. * About color-coded alerts and how should it affect shopping. Sets up next song at the end.
3. [m] Xmas carols medley about CIA intervening over the world and other security issues.
4. Comments about making friends into enemies (e.g. Saddam), types of communists, Panama and the canal.
5. Information or in-formation? Saddam and WMDs, why Saddam and not Osama, words about the coalition, oil, axis of evil, Enron. Sets up song at the end.
6. [m] I’ll Be There spoof: “Where there’s oil, I’ll be there”. Medley about oil.
7. Why do they hate the US? The freedom – that’s why we have to hide it.
8. Long - Geo-political lesson. Hemispheres and countries, gets country names thrown to him from the crowd and comments about them and the CIA involvement there, sometimes amusingly. Among the countries: Africa (yes), Venezuela, Korea, Indonesia, Canada, Madagascar, Israel and Palestine…
9. * About the economy – unions, free trade, sweatshops, outsourcing.
10. [m] Same topics as 9., medley.
11. Minorities: women, gays, racial minorities, prisons.
12. Foreign oil and SUVs, GW and children education and healthcare (GW plan will cover children until… birth), Walmart. Leads to song.
13. [m] * SUV medley.
14. Introducing Dave Lippman.
15. [m] ** The title says it all, "12 days of Bushmas". It could have been funny, if it wasn’t so real.
16. [m] John Ashcroft and civil liberties.
17. [m] Ode to Kissinger and his atrocities.
18. [m] Almost serious song about history and the passing years.
19. [m] Dylan/Guthrie rip-off describing the members of the current cabinet from Rice to Rumsfeld.
20. [m] "Ritz" cover, about Enron and W.

Track Listing
1. Introduction to Shrub   11. Women and Other Minorities
2. Color-Coded Alerts   12. Is Our Children Learning?
3. Home on the Exchange   13. Sport Futility Vehicle Tango
4. Recycled Enemies   14. Introduction to Lippman
5. The Evil of Access   15. The Twelve Days of Bushmas
6. Iraq Opportunity Theme Song   16. Ayatollah Ashcroft
7. They Hate Our Freedom   17. I Wonder Who's Kissinger Now
8. Supervising Our World (With   18. Megs and All
9. Nafta in Stereo   19. Talking Cabinet Blues
10. Sweatshops   20. Put'enron the Ritz