Various Artists / Children of Mu
Album: Children of Mu   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Aug 2004
Label:Planet Mu Records Ltd.  

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4. Nov 14, 2005: asymptotic freedom
2. Jun 11, 2011: Songs: Cantan pts. I & II
2, 10:GRENOYME'S Obsvesctict
5. Mar 26, 2005: the Dog and Pony show
3. Nov 14, 2006: how many licks does it take, mr. owl?
6. Mar 22, 2005: Princess in the evening
Theme From 1998

Album Review
Red West
Reviewed 2005-01-25
Cool collection of abstract beats. Who are these Children of Mu? British release.
1. Chopped distant choir. The beat is the rhythm of the chop, neat, minimal
2.Applause and guitar intro, then rap over fast electro warbly synth, granulated beats, instrumental paced, like a car chase, bassy instrumental
5.heavily distorted vocal intro, then breakbeat gabber
6.trippy bells, for the modern LSD carousel. 2nd half is more normal beats.
7.danceable beat, distorted notes, incomprehensibly chopped rap sample
8.menacing low tone, then videogame music
9.straight ahead blippy beats
10.quiet intro, guy singing w/techno beats- like a Depeche Mode remix
11.industrial techno madness. Keeps changing.
12.laid back, clear guitar
13.Acoustic guitar and harmonica intro, human drums, slow indie-rock
disc 2:
1.very nice ambient loop, simple catchy drum and more layers build
2.yelled male samples & fast rap, aggressive beat
3.super fast breakbeat, sounds like they sped it up
4.quiet intro, fast, a little slinky
5.buzzy slow, made from video game sounds
6.chill with vocals that get mixed in bit by bit
7.chiller, dub
8.random noise intro, mid-fast with random noise bursts
9.flanged solo guitar with shimmers
10.appealing alien melody, speeds up subtly, repetitive first half then breakbeat
12.quiet bowl ringing, then pandemonium
13.piano glitch post-rock

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Gasman, the Imodium
2. Chevron Swimmin' Lessons
3. 000 Points...
4. Jega Theme From 1998
5. Datach'i Kahknkunt
6. Fane, Julian Stasis
7. Subjex Funkynightmare
8. Lexaunculpt Samus
9. Vibert, Luke Homewerk
10. Wolf, Patrick A Boy Like Me
11. Fluoroscopic Kid Soft Drink Jihad
12. Frog Pocket Eyewarm
13. Leafcutter John In a House or a Soul
14. Nothing, Joseph 2, 1:PIAZZA of Tomorrow
15. Shitmat 2, 2:SHOPLIFTIN' Gabba
16. Electronic Music Composer 2, 3:SUGGESTED Surgery
17. Nautilis 2, 4:J-3CVW
18. Local 2, 5:THEY Are Local
19. Ambulance 2, 6:SNAKES
20. WEAVER001 2, 7:A Step Aside
21. Phthalocyanine 2, 8:ETHIOPIAN Runner
22. Urban Myth & Steve Beresford 2, 9:SUN Propeller
23. Dykehouse & the Frost Jocky 2, 10:GRENOYME'S Obsvesctict
24. Venetian Snares 2, 11:EPSTEIN-HORSHACK Lids
25. Guilty Connector 2, 12:COSMIC Conspiracy
26. Hrvatsku 2, 13:GEMINI