Hatework / Thrash 'n' Roll
Album: Thrash 'n' Roll   Collection:General
Artist:Hatework   Added:Aug 2004
Label:Beer City  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-10-17
This is some crazy Italian trio that’s harkening back to the days of speed metal and crossover. This is simple thrash/speed tempo so don’t expect anything like Testament or even S.O.D. here. (Tho’ some of the riffs and soloing sounds kinda like a simplified version of Megadeth). Rather, this more like Tankard, early Voi Vod (especially the vocals), (their fellow Italians) Bulldozer, Sodom, Abgail, and a little bit of Cryptic Slaughter. The dominate influence seems to be old Voi Vod and Tankard. Both the drums and the vocals a mix a little too low but overall this is a fun, straight-ahead speed metal album which is pretty much in the ‘no brainer’ category.

(((1))) Full-on Motorhead meets Cryptic Slaughter riffage by way of Sodom and drunk-’bangers Tankard.
(((2))) Wild-ass early Voi Vod-like with some wild NWOBHM solos & breakdowns (think Diamond Head, Blitzkrieg).
((((3)))) Crushing riffing like Tankard, Sodom Dumb lyrics but this is mostly a ‘no-brainer’ affair.
(((((4))))) Not a KISS or Venom cover but it’s some killer early M*tallica meets “War & Pain” era-Voi Vod? Fuck yeah, dewd!
((5)) Slow intro like some of the later Sodom tunes, pinch harmonics this one’s just “OK”. Sounds mostly like an ‘evil’ version of early 80’s era Loudness.
((((6)))) Slow AC/DC like riff into maniac fuckin’ whirlwind thrash. FCC’s “Fuck you all” 2 times.
((((7)))) Total Blitzkrieg/Sodom/Voi Vod/M$tallica mix. Hella ragin’!
((((8)))) I love this one! It’s total crushing mix of NWOBHM - like fuckin’ Sweet Savage (!), “Kill ‘ Em All”-era M$tllica, Abigail, Sodom, and mostly Voi Vod!!!
(((9))) Weird mid-tempo intro a bit like “Killing Technology” -era Voi Vod mixed up with a bit of punk. FCC “Fuck” (1:46).
((((10)))) More thrashin’ rage somewhere around “KEA” -’M$tallica, Destruction and Voi Vod. “Don’t you ever wake the devil” Huh? Isn’t satan SUPPOSED to be awake on metal records?
((((11)))) A mid-tempo Slayer-like riff into more of a full-on bashing Tankard/Destruction rampage. Nice guitar vibrato breakdowns.
(((((12))))) “Rip The Hush” I dunno what the fuck the title is supposed to mean (destroy the silence, I suspect) either a bad translation or some Italian metallero slang I’m not hip to. Aside from that this fuckin’ KILLS! Low-end heavy Sodom/Voi Vod/Destruction/Tankard thrashing rage.

Track Listing
1. I.D.T.   7. War Again
2. Thrash 'n' Roll   8. Gateway to Hell
3. Xxx   9. Radio Madness
4. Heaven's on Fire   10. Get Off
5. Devil Eye   11. Blast From Below
6. I Don't Care   12. Rip the Hush