Ciccone / Eversholt Street
Album: Eversholt Street   Collection:General
Artist:Ciccone   Added:Aug 2004
Label:Human Recordings Ltd  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2004-08-19
Brit-punk-pop/guitar-rock about love, sex, alcohol, and lovely sadness. Female and male vocals. Shining star of a debut LP by a quintessentially DIY indie band - recorded in their bedroom, put out by a tiny label, publicized largely by word of mouth. Killer songs delivered by front child/woman Rebekah Delgado (also a songwriter) and songwriter Micky Strickson (also a vocalist). The band is tight as an ankle cuff. Some songs remind me of The Only Ones. Lyrics cover desire, acceptance, fucked-up relationships, and politics. FCC: 4, 9. All songs strong. Start with 2, 4, 13.

1. Mid-fast, mostly instrumental. Starts with drums. A quick train-a-rollin’ shuffle with nice guitar interplay.
==> 2. Mid-tempo. Female vocals. Starts with drums, then a guitar figure, then full band. 1st single from the LP. “It’s OK to let go. There is no tomorrow tonight.”
3. Mid-tempo, then double-time, then half-time. Male vocals. Time changes work great with lyrics about letting go of a bad relationship.
==> 4. FCC? (sexual innuendo) Mid-tempo, driving. Female vocals. Starts with guitar. Sing-song melody contrasts with simmering anger.
5. Mid-slow. 50’s/60’s feel. Male vocals. An unrequited-love ballad. Short.
6. Slow, dreamy -- turns fast, noisy -- then back at end. Female vocals. Starts with voice.
7. Mid/fast, quiet/loud. Mostly instrumental. Deliciously sustained tension.
8. Slow, soft, drunken ballad. Male vocals. “What drives me to desire is what drives me to destruction.”
9. FCC - repeated “Fuck You!” but not perfectly intelligible. Female vocals with male harmonies. Mid-fast. Happy & pissed-off political anthem. “History’s made by the ones who say ‘no!’”
10. Mid-tempo. Starts with guitar, then yelled “Wake up!” Male vocals. “My summer never comes, but it’s warm again tonight.”
11. Slow, sleepy, quiet ballad that gets expansive during instrumental bridge, then comes back. Can I marry your voice, Rebekah?
12. Fast & jumpy. Male vocals.
==> 13. Slow & soft. Starts with piano. Male & female love duet about dying. “Draw your last breath, baby. Make it a good one.” Gives me chills.
14. Slow. 11 secs of room ambience, then guitar. Male vocals. A drunken goodnight song. “There is a light and one day I’ll find it. But for now let’s get drunk and cry.”

Track Listing
1. Flagellate (Cuida Lo Que Dic   8. Oh Eversholt
2. Look at You Now   9. F.U.U.K.
3. You're Beautiful, You'll Get   10. My Summer Never Comes
4. Just Got Laid   11. Put Me to Bed
5. If Friday Falls Apart   12. If I Could Prove You Wrong
6. Boy Oh Boy (Por Favor Mi Amo   13. Last Breath
7. Give Me One Good Reason to C   14. There Is a Light