Billy Nayer Show, the / Goodbye Straplight Sarentino,
Album: Goodbye Straplight Sarentino,   Collection:General
Artist:Billy Nayer Show, the   Added:Aug 2004
Label:Big Sam's Giant Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2004-09-22
The Billy Nayer Show / Goodbye Straplight Sarentino, I Will Miss You

Bizarreness at its most marvelous glory! fun album from veteran Local/NYC band; the genre is indie rock, but the style is unclassifiable. I want whatever drugs these guys are on! Often dark, bizarre, psychedelic in a way, and this goes for both the music and the lyrics. I am lost for other adjectives. This is a double CD but it doesn't spread thin, almost every track is worthwhile. Try them.
Incidentally, the band, led by Cory McAbee, also made a movie (The American Astronaut) and its soundtrack of course.
FCC: CD1 track 4. Recommended: CD1 tracks 1, 4, 6 and CD2 tracks 1, 6, 7.

CD 1
1. * Upbeat indie-rocker, roaming vocal delivery. *
2. Dramatic, distorted bass growl, low-key vox, explodes with multiple saxophones.
3. Strumming and buzzing, mid tempo classic tune, playful vox.
4. ** FCC (shit) Dramatically delivered demented tale of three monkeys living on a giant triangle eating each other’s shit. Really. Give me those drugs! **
5. Rockabilly touch, deep vox, mid/uptempo more and more layers added until all dropped for accordion.
6. * Slow, dramatic; not your usual guitars, drums and bass shoegazer– strange lyrics, two male vocals, anti religion? Great. *
7. Mid tempo. Simple autoharp strumming with dramatic vox, other instruments enter.
8. Mid/slow autoharp strum with dramatic backdrop. Ends with "wind" sound effect (30 secs)
9. High pitched strum/pick with Chinese touch turns into moody sax solo. Instrumental.
10. Levels set on 11. Uptempo, noisy,
11. Starts loud and transitions (a-la Deerhoof) to quiet bit with “angelic” vox; takes a turn into a long George Harrison-like guitar solo.

CD 2
1. *Prog soundscape, repetitive religious-chant-spoof like lyrics, distant vox, mid tempo. *
2. Strumming, slow/mid, Billy Bragg like pompous delivery, silly backing vox, could also be a religious spoof again (“I got a message to give to you”).
3. Gently picked slow folky tune.
4. Short filler/outro, bass/drum and other sounds.
5. Mid/uptempo, ukulele and percussion, gets louder midway, not much in way of lyrics.
6. * Loud, heavily distorted, dramatic, short instrumental except a shout – “I love you” – at the end. *
7. * Driving guitar riff, unintelligible stuttered syllables, rock & roll! *
8. Gentle picking and singing, I guess it’s a love song, but strange.
9. Ukalele, mid tempo strum, acoustic guitar.
10. Music intro, then spoken lyrics, then guitars come back with semi-spoken lyrics. Mid/slow.
11. Slow, drums, touch of electric guitar, some build up, quiet ending. Life story.
12. * Farewell song, starts acoustically, turns quirky cabaret-like, quiet again, neo-folk ending. *

Track Listing
1. Dreamland Massacre   12. Here Comes You Know Who
2. Suffering   13. The Message
3. Don't Worry Honey   14. The Promise
4. Three Monkeys   15. Angel Projector
5. Hard Job   16. Slim
6. Head of a Cat   17. Love Waltz
7. Angel in a Tree   18. Knitting Favorites
8. It's Love   19. My Cat
9. Bees   20. Sad Girl 2
10. Sad Girl   21. Coward's Paradise
11. The Smallest Star   22. The Day I Died
  23. Straplight Sarentino