Passage / Forcefield Kids, the
Album: Forcefield Kids, the   Collection:General
Artist:Passage   Added:Aug 2004

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Recent Airplay
1. Apr 15, 2005: Stirling's Distraction
The Hareoki <Sp?> Kiss Ass
4. Feb 22, 2005: The Devil's Collective
In the Bioburbs
2. Mar 31, 2005: Baptism of Solitude
Whine Money
5. Feb 21, 2005: Stirling's Approximation
Reagan's Chest
3. Feb 28, 2005: Stirling's Approximation

Album Review
Red West
Reviewed 2005-01-18
It’s on Anticon so it’s hip-hop-ish, right? Well, mostly, still there’s variety of styles on here. It’s good. old-sounding synths. lyrics in booklet w/cussing underlined to help you bleep- it’s worth the effort. Most tracks about 2mins.

+1. Old-synth instrumental, a little dark, beat high in mix, gets a little chaotic at end
++2. IDM beat, fast rap, a lot of words, hard to follow
3.FCCs, and easier to understand the words than in the previous. Slow
+4.FCC. Short track, minimal (built from two bars)
++5.FCC. Slow. pretty acoustic guitar and beats, folky harmnozed male vocals.
++6.FCC. Noisy, punky, annoying rap
+7.short complaining rap, simple mid-tempo beat
+8.named after an Edward Gorey book! Fast rap, slowish beats
9.FCC(? ass, bitch) mostly fast rap, mid-tempo beat
++10.chaotic synth intro, then buzzy beats, slow and laid back, languid singing alternating with rap.
+11.creepy buzz intro, fast rap, short, minor key menace
++12.FCC (One hard-to-hear “bullshit”) .electric piano intro, then fast rap and melodic singing and political samples. Sounds like Atom & His Package
+13.very short sort- 80’s sounding anthem
+14.Fast & slow rap, and more Atom & His Package style chanting
15.not so hot
16.FCC(? bitch) pretty slow guitar, unhappy lyrics, gets a little noisier & beatier
17.Fast rap, more rhythmic, midtempo repetitive music
+18 melodic instrumental interlude
++19.Synths from krautrock, singing & fast rapping, short track
+20.FCC, minor key, slow, hopspital discomfort
21.acoustic guitar & deep filtered synth, 3/4 time, some falsetto

Track Listing
1. Forcefield Intro   12. Vail 4 Lil Geniuses
2. In the Bioburbs   13. Duck N Cover
3. Creature in the Classroom   14. 14411
4. The Pins in the Bowels   15. The Unspectacular White Boy
5. Of the Charmed Design   16. Spring '97
6. Old Aunt Mary   17. Suffragette <Sp?>
7. Free Luv, From Left Field   18. Reagan's Chest
8. Whine Money   19. All the News That's Fit to P
9. The Unstrung Harp   20. Scarefilm
10. The Hareoki <Sp?> Kiss Ass   21. Poem to the Hospital
11. Put Together, Play, Red Ferr   22. Pail of Air