Black Cross / Widows Bloody Widows
Album: Widows Bloody Widows   Collection:General
Artist:Black Cross   Added:Aug 2004
Label:Initial Records  

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4. Oct 20, 2004: press and release
Guess Whos Coming to Dinner

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-10-17
Black Cross gives us some nice Fugazi/early 90’s D.C. sounding post-hardcore, a bit of Hüsker Dü, Am Rep label stuff, and even some hardcore sounds. Lots of good guitar parts, breakdowns and such. It’s one of those albums where the more you hear it, the more you like it (and find different parts that you hadn’t hear the first go round).

These guys used to be known as Black Widows hence the sort of play on words in the the title (and reference to Black Sabbath), they got a cease and desist from some asshole bar band called “Black Widows” who hadn’t even released anything! Gotta love that level of “originality”.

((((1)))) Stop/start bass into burst of Fugazi-like vocals mixed with early 90’s AmRep label sound (think: Hammerhead). Really awesome guitar work & super rockin’ overall!
((((2)))) Damn - they wasted no time in getting to the next song and continuing the intensity. Charging, mid-tempo attack upon religious idiocy. Seaweed, Hüsker Dü
(((3))) Slow, crawling but thudding Jesus Lizard meets D.C. flavor. Very early 90’s style - back when indie rock could really...well, ROCK!
((((4)))) Awesome, fast rockin’ tempo with a great dual vocal trade offs’s only 0:45.
(((5))) Slow, brooding feedback then loud drums and a killer groove like Rites of Spring meets Jesus Lizard & Seaweed.
((((6)))) Uptempo & rippin’ yet melodic, super catchy. Lots of great guitar note tweakin. Ends really abruptly.
((((7)))) Very much like Seaweed gone the AmRep route with a touch of hardcore like backing vocals. Excellent.
((((8)))) Straight-up hardcore with some scathing lyrics agains the war on (some) drugs, FCC: “fucking lie”
((((9)))) Thudding, uptempo with varied grooves. Killer guitar work!
((((10)))) Loud, tearin’ it up, full on old hardcore with pick slides but the vocals keep it a tad more modern. Plus, there’s more varied riffing for this to be “normal” hardcore style. Great work all ‘round.
(((11))) Feedback then blast of loud riffing and “kill from the heart” kinda vocals. Super late 80’s/early 90’s Dischord sound. Very catchy stuff even if the words aren’t the audible
(((12))) Sounds a tad like recent Fugazi, in that this is still loud & rockin’ but it’s experimenting with different styles/tempos, this time it’s a dubby ‘lil number. The riffing almost sounds like Godflesh after awhile! Crazy, man, crazy!
(((13))) Dubby ‘lil number into 80’s tempo hardcore/punk with a some fake British accents. Ends with the words “that’s wuz a mess!” Kind of amusing.

Track Listing
1. Roll Up Your Sleeves   7. Answers to a .45
2. Guess Whos Coming to Dinner   8. Selling Point
3. House of Light   9. The Bean & Those Like Him in
4. A Feast of Snakes   10. 11:59 Answers the Call
5. Name Me Noone   11. It Gets Dark So Early
6. Black Sheep   12. Peking Dub