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Artist:Les Savy Fav   Added:Aug 2004
Label:Frenchkiss Records  

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Album Review
Elias (Dr Furious)
Reviewed 2004-08-12
Excellent compilation of 7" recordings released by KICK-ASS NYC ART-PUNKs including many of their BEST SONGS EVER. Overpowering angular no wave-y guitar leads (Sonic Youth, Erase Errata) alternating with smothering punk chops (mid-90s Fugazi, Pixies, some Joy Division). Fast upbeat 80s dancey drum beats interchanged with garagey-like heavy thumping. Seth Jabor's post-punk guitar riffs have an emotionally overpowering sound quality like it's fucking power pop or something. He's a great guitarist. Combine this with Tim Harrington's anthemic lyricism and riling (but cathcy) chants, and with the hard solid bass lines of Syd Butler, and you have one of the greatest underground bands of the last decade. Perfect CD to become familiar with LSF's early two guitar heavy underground sound (eg. tracks 14-18), before the turn to electro-dance-y stylistics (eg. tracks 1-4).
Next time LSF is at a small club near you, go see them. Tim Harrington's interactive, self-ironic, and often zany or humorous antics will remain among the most memorable experiences of your life time. Les Savy Fav have been rocking my fucking party since the winter of 1998!
Play: 9, 18, 15, 5, 16, 2, 1, 13
1. Electronic beats. Siren-sounding noise. Spooky-dark mood. Almost a bit experimental. Sparse heavy guitar rock phrases.
2. Drilling driving bass. Disco dancey beats and angular guitar solos. Dark Bauhaus/Cure/Joy Division mood. This is cool.
3. Trendy early 80s dancey beats, dubby guitar and bass riffs. It's the NYC sound... see Radio 4.
4. Modest Mouse-like polished indie sound. Buoyant and gay.
5. Awesome! Sparse no wavish angularity; rawking driving beats; Erase Errata meets Radio4.
7. Languid, dub-sounding drone. Sparse sweet key melodies. And wow! do I hear Pink Floyd?
8. Dissonant, angular punk guitars meet indie pop-ish vocals. Kind like a cocktail of Sonic Youth, Fugazi and Modest Mouse.
9. ORGASMIC! Fast rhythmic assaults, frantically dance-y, angular, noise-y, catchy chorus.
10. Pretty somber indie beginning with bouncy mid tempo (the Clash); leading into a neurotically fast chorus fudged with 80s synth effects.
11. Solo bass beginning. Early U2 guitar work meets the Cure (mopey synths). Lots of noise-y guitar work.
12. Sparsely chaotic. Heavy pounding on the drums. Heavy yelling interchanged with indie-sounding melodies.
13. Hysterical radio skit. Excellent for LIDs. FCCs. No music.
14. This is among the classic LSF LIVE pieces; mainly due to Harrington's repeated chant: "In Brooklyn we stay home".
15. Heavy, balls-out, fast punk rocker with noise-y guitars. Another classic! Tim Harrington into people's face and ears, yelling: "your bringing us down".
16. Riotous marching tempo and Fugazi-esque pretty guitar angularity. An early favorite. Catchy chant: "rally up my friends and stand by my bed side". FCC (1X shit).
17. Awesome punk number! Psychotic screams and noisy riffs. Fugazi. FCC (1X motherfucker)
18. One guitar goes Fugazi; the second goes Pixies. Fuck me! Rawks my brains out!

Track Listing
1. Meet Me in the Dollar Bin   10. Yawn, Yawn
2. Hold on to Your Genre   11. No Sleeves
3. We'll Make a Lover of You   12. Reprobates Resume
4. Fading Vibes   13. Reformat Live
5. The Sweat Descends   14. Reformat
6. Knowing How the World Works   15. Bringing Us Down
7. Hello Halo   16. Our Coastal Hymn
8. Obsessed with the Excess   17. Blackouts on Thursday
9. One Way Widow   18. Rodeo