Feud / Battling Bastards of Freedom
Album: Battling Bastards of Freedom   Collection:General
Artist:Feud   Added:Aug 2004
Label:Six Two Five Thrashcore  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-10-17
Here’s something you don’t hear everyday hardcore/punk from the Philipines. If you’re idea of “punk and hardcore” doesn’t stray too far from the Victory Records catalog and The Warped Tour, then you got a LOT of learning to do! This is the discography of Feud. This is similar to "youth crew" style bands like Life’s Halt or DS-13 and early-era Refused. Real solid stuff from these dudes. (Sadly broken up, though). Includes a nice basic layout with some though provoking quotes explaining the basis of each song.

((((1)))) Nice Bad Brains styled riffage into fast but catchy fast current era h.c. ‘ala Life’s Halt or Intensity.
((((2)))) Sounds like Gorilla Biscuts on speed. Nice backing vocals and solid riffage.
((((3)))) More straight ahead punk sounding but with an early hardcore touch. Lyrics in Tagalog.
(((((4)))) Some funny samples of Jello Biafra, energetic hardcore. Questions the human condition within anarchy/@narchist ideals.
(((5))) Nice punk & rock vibe with a bit of spastic hardcore ‘ala Charles Bronson.
((((6)))) Fast & spirited a little like OvertHHHrow but without the metal influence.
((((7)))) Great lunging, galloping riffing.
((((8))) Awesome Bugs Bunny sample re-contextualized as radical politcs. Super rockin’ breakdown with a David Lee Roth/”Nature Boy” Ric Flair - like “Wooo!”, reminds me most of Refused. Very rad !
((((9)))) Nations On Fire cover, I dunno the original but this is killer. Total mid/late 80’s D.C. style with sidewinding riffs and spoken lyrics but an excellent punkified hardcore sound.
(((10))) Lotsa bass then a sloowwww pick slide and blasting forth, manic Tagalog h.c. attack!
((((11)))) Gallopping riffs and spasmotic tempos & vocals. Something like Charles Bronson sounding. Super short at 0:24 seconds.
(((12))) (FCCs “Fucking” 0:25) Anti-rape song with a pissed off sound like old Refused or Chuck Bronson. 0:56 seconds.
((((13)))) Super fun & nutty and almost incomphensible h.c. all in 0:18 seconds.
(((14)) Nice riffing sounding akin to the DKs “Holiday In Cambodia” but rearranged and set on distortion not twang.
(((15))) Sorta of metallic riffing with the impassioned vocal style.
((((16)))) Sample of “Natural Born Killers” ‘we just call it industry, not murder’ intro, hyper h.c. with a bit of the youth crew feeling. Great stuff! Secret track at 6:49 has elapsed “Lasenggo gaggo” (cover of the Phillippine band, Biofeedback). It’s riff heavy charging some like a slowed down WHN and sung in Tagalog with repeated choruses

Track Listing
1. Unschooling the World   9. Dedication
2. System Check   10. Rebolusyong Nagsismula
3. Kumita Sa Kahirapan Ng Iba   11. Battling Bastards of Freedom
4. The Circled a   12. The Only Good Rapist Is the
5. More than What We Need   13. We Cant Get Along
6. Disguise for Another   14. In a Land of Pit and Precipe
7. Addicted to Approval   15. Money, Work
8. Ritualized Revolution   16. My Personal Tibute Song