Blut Aus Nord / Work Which Transforms God, the
Album: Work Which Transforms God, the   Collection:General
Artist:Blut Aus Nord   Added:Jul 2004
Label:Candlelight Records  

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1. Dec 31, 2004: Hail To The Past, Move Towards The Future
The Howling of God
4. Sep 11, 2004: Under the Sheltering Sky
2. Oct 14, 2004: Unpopular Enough To Be Difficult (sub for Orges)
5. Sep 10, 2004: Bloodstains Across Atherton (the edit)
The Howling of God
3. Sep 24, 2004: Bloodstains Across Atherton
Inner Metal Cage
6. Sep 04, 2004: Under the Sheltering Sky
Inner Metal Cage

Album Reviews
The Grunt
Reviewed 2013-11-25
This is a classic and genre RE-defining album. Treasure this one.
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-08-23
Damn is black metal ever getting weird these days! No, not weird in that church burning/murder your rival band mates way. (That's soooo early 90’s!). Anyway, this French trio is led by Vindsval who is some twisted anaglam of some of the fucked-up masters of the past namely Ved Buends Ende, Godflesh, early Mayhem and thrown in maybe even some early Swans material and a bit of current era Finnish doom metal (ex: Unholy, Dolorian) or more currently Leviathan. So, add all of that together and you might have this. Learn to worship the bleakness!
((1)) Very minimalistic & ambient intro. Not too far from Robert Rich or something. Weird!
((((2))) Fast blasting black metal with vocals that are a fucked-up mix of Atilla Cshair (Mayhem, Aboyrm, et. al.) & Cronos of Venom. Some industrial bits in the breakdown. Sounds like Ved Buendes Ende mixed with Dolorian. Ends with some “death knell” bell and fades into silence.
((((3)))) Explosive & ravenous sounding, fires o’ fury blasting black metal but it does slow down a bit into some tripped out old Godflesh meets Ved Buendes Ende style. Some killer guitar work, to boot!
(4) short ambient piece that’s really 1:24 long not 1:32
((((5)))) If you layered on some feedback then you without forehand knowledge, you’d swear this was something from Godflesh’s classic “Streetcleaner” album. Lots of slow-moving to mid-tempo creepy grimness!
((((6)))) And speaking of grimness. This is so brillaintly fucked up sounding. Something like Benighted Leams mixing it up with Mayhem. Weird & kvlt!
(((((7))))) Back to the slow & lurking style as we heard on #5. Awesome Carcass-like gurgling, too. Incredible beats & crazy guitar harmonics. Overall, very claustrophobic sounding.
((8)) More of that unexpected Robert Rich worship. Weird but short actually ends at 1:53.
((((9)))) More ultra-fast necro yet spacey BM with those ubiquitous sprinkler system drum parts. Later when it gets more mid-tempo - the beats are almost bordering on some kind of “troo kvlt” trip-hop! ?! This song has to be the weirdest on the whole album - especially those vocals! Closes with an ambient outro that ends at 6:07
((((10))) More Godflesh worship...I’m almost expecting some British dude to yell out words like “Breeed! Like Rats...” or something. Trippy quasi-etheral vibe mixed with doomed-industrial and cyclical riffing. Ends aburpbtly.
(11) some weird filler for 0:18
(((((12))))) Monumentally awesome industrial doom. Droning guitars feeback then some killer J. Broadrick-like guitars. Sounds like a intro to a Neurosis or Godflesh tune. Damn, this is fucking amazing. You know the cliché about saying so much by doing so little”? Well this is a fine example of that. Proceeds to fade after 8:53.

Track Listing
1. End   7. Our Blessed Frozen Cells
2. The Choir of the Dead   8. Devilish Essence
3. Axis   9. The Howling of God
4. The Fall   10. Inner Metal Cage
5. Metamorphosis   11. Density
6. The Supreme Abstract   12. Procession of the Dead Clown