Voetsek / Castrator Album, the
Album: Castrator Album, the   Collection:General
Artist:Voetsek   Added:Jul 2004
Label:Six Weeks  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2004-07-26
Voetsek – The Castrator Album (Six Weeks)
Absolutely amazing thrash hardcore. Fast, pissed, spastic drumming and great female vocals. Throw in some gang vocals once in a while. Has elements of old crossover metal, hardcore, punk, and thrash revival. Local and contains members (or ex-members) of S.T.F.U., Deadfall, Dairy Queens, and Dread. 40 tracks, lots of them short (not a single track is over a minute long!), so I won’t write about them all. OK, so I wrote about most of them.
1. Straight medium paced hardcore with some quick guitar and pained vocals.
2. Speedy punk with some metal guitar.
4. Short, fast, “paybacks a bitch”.
5. Great buildup in short song. They say asshole a couple times.
6. Cool vocals that change a lot.
**7. More vocals like track 6. Slow heavy parts.
**8. Funny sheep sounds and again diverse and amazing vocals.
**9. Speedy thrash-y.
10. Funny start stop and more punk sounding.
**11. Oh! This rules! Old school hardcore/punk combo that goes after racist, sexist, loser Nazi types. “This song goes out to all the oppressors”. Female screamed vocals, clean female backing vocals, male spoken part. Anthem! Ends with 10 seconds of quiet talking and no music and someone saying “mother fucking nazi bitch”. This track is worth playing so just stop the track when the music stops.
12. Slow then fast.
**13. Fast, hardcore…great short slow breakdown, with gang backing vocals.
14. Thrash, quiet part with a “suck my dick”, then punk rock attack.
15. Punk with, if you can believe it surf-punk guitar.
16. Metal-ish guitar
17. Straight forward.
18. Cowbell, country punk with fun vocals into punk.
19. Lots of fucks in 15 seconds.
20. Gang backing vocals, fast hardcore.
**21-22. Great guitar intro to Judas Priest classic!!! Into blistering fast hardcore. Questions why Rob wasn’t out. Many references to Priest songs in the lyrics. You gotta play 21 and 22 together.
23. Short. Scary.
24. Standard hardcore guitar.
25. Another good straight ahead track.
26. Slower with scary sound effects and low vocals into fast hardcore.
27. Quick muted guitar.
**28. Will make you dance like a fool. With more GREAT vocals, super short metal guitar run, and one of the better uses of the phrase “See you in Hell” I’ve heard.
29. Bong sounds, slow, fake stoner spoken park, coughs, and ganja.
30. Straight ahead hardcore.
31. Lots of fucks.
32. False start. Speedy.
33. Tight and fast.
34. Choppy, clean sound to begin into speedy punk.
35. More gang vocals.
36. Straight forward. Shout out to all the different hardcore kids in the bay area. Guitar solo!
37. Slow beginning, into chaotic sound.
38. Slow not heavy sound, demented laugh, “bla bla bla”.
39. “I’m gonna get you fucker”.
**40. Metal-ish. “Butcher man butcher man”. Fast.
Fucking GREAT!!! -mph

Track Listing
1. Xfriendx   21. The Hesher
2. A Is for Anarchy   22. Judas Beast (How Come Nobody
3. Alice Paul   23. Punk 101
4. Paybacks a Bitch   24. No My...
5. Gorillas in the Midst   25. Kind of Like on
6. Wageslave Twist   26. Living End
7. Shrub   27. ? Media
8. Sheep   28. See You in Hell
9. Blank-Face   29. Smoke-Ums
10. If I Can't Read Yr Name, I'm   30. Tampons Should Be Free
11. Nazi Fuck Off!   31. Ringworm Fuck
12. Coming Down   32. Voetsek
13. Welcome to the U.S. of A.   33. Shithouse Poet
14. Pay to Play (Suck My Dick)   34. Recipricate
15. Infection   35. Chaos Days
16. Just Another Jock (Who Secre   36. Youth Crue Collective
17. Home Spun Christian   37. Abuse Cycle
18. No Drinky   38. Listen
19. Scene King   39. Im Gonna Get You Fucker
20. Jesus Crust   40. Three Butcher