Today Is the Day / Kiss the Pig
Album: Kiss the Pig   Collection:General
Artist:Today Is the Day   Added:Jul 2004
Label:Relapse Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2004-10-25
Today Is The Day – Kiss the Pig (Relapse)
Ummm, grind/metal/sludge? Noisy, dissonant, dirty, scary, violent, way too extreme for most anyone, this shit scares even me. Definitely not recommended for play at night, this will give you fucking nightmares. During the daytime it’ll make you want to kill yourself, so either way you lose. Sick vocals, pummeling drums, wicked guitars and a production that makes everything sink into mud, so you have to crane your neck to catch all the intricacies, but the moment you do, a scythe comes along and chops it the fuck off.

1) Starts faster than a bullet aimed at your crotch, then slows down to a grinding, headache-inducing, muddy mess of sldugy riffs and hate-filled stream-of-consciousness lyrics yelped like a pig. FCC (“fuck”) at –2:07.
2) FCCs, too many shits and fucks, don’t bother.
3) Killer marching rhythm, very militaristic, with tortured vocals and blast beats all the way through.
4) FCCs at –1:19 and –1:15 (“fucking”), but otherwise a brutal song with the typical vocals and a breakdown, stop-n-go pattern that never stops.
5) Short, brutal with unbearably painful vocals and some fantastic drumming and stop-n-go riffing.
6) FCC in the spoken word sample in the intro, and then FCCs in the verse, and then some more FCCs in the chorus. NEVER PLAY THIS SONG!
7) Short, but again brutal and with those vocals, hurts to just listen to it, it’s so good, it makes me drool.
8) FCCs at –1:41, -1:35 (“fuck”), but otherwise a great song that starts out really slow and doomy and sludgy, but then picks up to become a really strong, ‘80s hardcore-influenced assassin.
9) FCC at –0:07 (“fuck”), that interrupts an otherwise swift kick to the head that lasts about as long, too.
10) Instrumental that goes through about 20 change-ups in the space of just over three minutes, terrific song. Never gets boring.
11) FCCs at –10:38 (:shit”) and –10:36 (“fuck”) and again at –6:56 to –6:54 (“fucking”, twice) and –6:35 (“fucking” again) and one last time at –4:13 (“bullshit”). If you can deal with those, you have yourself a brilliant, pure genius opus about life and things, way deep, way angry and furious and really just way creepy. I love it.

Track Listing
1. Why They Hate Us   6. Don't Tread on Hope
2. Kiss the Pig   7. Sympathy Junky
3. Mother's Ruin   8. Platinum Pussy
4. This Machine Kills Fascists   9. Train Train
5. Outland   10. Bee's Wax and Scar Wars
  11. Birthright