Mentally Ill, the / Gacy's Place: the Undiscovered
Album: Gacy's Place: the Undiscovered   Collection:General
Artist:Mentally Ill, the   Added:Jun 2004
Label:Alternative Tentacles Records  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-08-05
Warning: this is purely “no-fi” raw-assed punk rock noise from 1979-80 era.. If you dig damanged stuff like Flipper, The Germs, Happy Flowers, Half Japanese and the like - then lock your ears onto this.

Kudos fo Jello & AT for unearthing not only this Midwestern punk classic (previously heard almost exclusively by collector scum).

(((((1))))) Fucked-up fuzz-punk/noise! Sad to say the chorus is way too FCC un-cool “They’re fucking your kids, they’re fucking your kids” (repeated at least 6 times)
(((((2))))) Even denser fuzz-punk with lots of sick humor.
((((3)))) Speaking of sick humor. In fact VERY sick, “pro-beastality” punk. DId G.G. even go this far? Musically rather good though. Mostly too “FCC unfriendly” lyrics but can be edited if you’re quick & clever.
(((((4))))) A total punk ripper! Need I say more? Sounds like a zero budget Brit punk 45 from 1977.
(((((5))))) Sounds almost like the Wipers meets an early version of Black Flag (no it’s no a cover of their tune of the same name).
((((6)))) Warped, uh...mentally ill punk damage.
((((7)))) (FCC 0:44 “fucking”) Straight ahead punk with a strong Pistols influence.
((((8)))) (FCC 1:25 “Not a fuckin’ Jew” & 1:49-51). Twisted & nihilistic lyrics “I’m glad I’m not a jew” (Ironic since two of these guys were Jewish)
(((9))) Bizarre & warped. Almost too much in a way.
(((((10)))) Sounds a bit DKs mixed with the Stooges playing in a basement full of PCP but much more warped & fucked up.
((((11)))) A more reverb-heavy version of track #2
((((12)))) (FCCs: “Don’t you want to suck my cock” 0:52-0:54) They added sax? Weird, it’s no wave/punk twistedness. Something like the Contortions mixed with GG Allin?
(((13))) FCC UN-FRIENDLY and not just in title alone. Louder version of track #3 but once again
((((14)))) Seriously retarded (in the mental way) punk & I mean that quite literally. Nonetheless, really interesting just based on that.
(((((15))))) Still “not ready for prime time or the FCC”. Fuzzed out version of track #1 sounding even MORE punk (as if that was even possible!)
((16)) Idiot-fucked up kids jammin’ in the living room punk. Just fucked up for fucked up sake. Lyrics are on the GG Allin side except possibly nicer.
(((17)))) An absurdly goof-off punk thing with sarcastic yet ugly lyrics delievered in a mock German accent. If anyone takes these lyrics as literal they’re a fuckin’ moron.
((((18)))) Watch for the FCCs in the same places as track #7 (2:16-2:20 “I’m glad I’m not a fucking Jew” repeats 2-3 times). Lower-fi version of track #7 (FCC “ fuckin’” 0:49)
((((19)))) Lower-fi version of track #8
((((20)))) Sounds like early Half Japanese on this take of track #6.

Track Listing
1. Starbeat: Gacy's Place   11. Basement: Tumor Boy
2. Starbeat: Tumor Boy   12. Basement: Bathroom Gaze
3. Starbeat: Doggie Sex   13. Basement: Cum Twat
4. Starbeat: not Quite Dead Yet   14. Basement: Smelly Boys
5. Starbeat: Padded Cell   15. Crawlspace: Gacy's Place
6. Starbeat: Split Crotch ...   16. Crawlspace: I Don't Need ...
7. Starbeat: All Mixed Up   17. Crawlspace: Aryan Rock
8. Starbeat: Stalag Thirteen   18. Crawlspace: All Mixed Up
9. Basement: Ballad of the ...   19. Crawlspace: Stalag Thirteen
10. Basement: Dry Heave   20. Crawlspace: Split Crotch...