Cadaver / Necrosis
Album: Necrosis   Collection:General
Artist:Cadaver   Added:Jun 2004
Label:Candlelight Usa  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-07-27
This is a mix of black and death metal plus a bit of thrash. All of it is done quite well. Cadaver is the same one formerly called Cadaver Inc. While Norway isn’t as famous for putting out death metal, their DM scene goes back about as far (or really farther) as their black metal scene. Anyway, this is a solid mix a lot of older bands: Venom (especially since Apoyllon grunts “Come On!” ‘ala Cronos) old Sepultura, early Morbid Angel, and probably a little bit of early Mayhem material.
Lyrics are pretty much “duh”-level stuff but it’s one of those albums that the music pretty much covers up for that fault.
((((1)))) Morbid Angel/Venom rager with bombastic drumming! Only problem is FCCs: (“fucking” 0:28, 0:58, 1:20; 1:43; 2:15; 3:13)
(((2))) Sputtering & rather fast drumming followed by an almost industrial feeling somewhere around Morbid Angel mixed with “Rebel Extravaganza”-era Saytricon. Awesome Venom meets ‘Maiden breakdown. (The “fuck” in this song is too inaudible)
((((3)))) Slower, staccatto riffing then goes into a spirialing Saytricon meets old Sepultura vibe. Very nice use of string bending, to boot. (FCC’s: “fucking whore” 1:54)
(((((4))) Straight-ahead, pissed off sounding tune about satan that mixes up some weird tempos 'ala recent Satyricon (1:05-1:19) & (2:06-2:20; 2:38-3:00 these actually sound like country a little. W.T.F.?)
(FCC - 2:35 “Fuck”)
((((5)))) Nice, simple & heavy riffage at mid-tempo sounds like a deadly mix of Venom, Morbid Angel & old Sepultura.
(((((6))))) Hi-larious title! “Goatfather”! Ok, to the music - brutal fast & unforgiving black/death metal hell! Mixing Satyricon, early Morbid Angel & “Arise”-era Sepultura.
((((7)))) More of the same as before. Fast as fuck & headslamming. Opening line is sung so weird it sounds like “gaze into my tie-dyes”! (FCCs the word “fucking” is in here but it’s not too audible)
((((8)))) Did you want more unrelenting black/death metal? Well you go it ! A little more groove-oriented this time out but mostly kicking you in the stomach for at least 66 measures.
(((((9))))) Major Satyricon/Venom/Mayhem action! Sputtering & blasting drums with swashes of gloomy guitar parts but mostly some very awesome black/death with impressive breakdowns.

Track Listing
1. Necro As Fuck   5. Awakening
2. Decomposed Metal Skin   6. Goatfather
3. Evil Is Done   7. Unholy Death
4. Odium   8. The Etching Cleanser
  9. Heartworm