National Lampoon / Thats not Funny...Thats Sick!
Album: Thats not Funny...Thats Sick!   Collection:Comedy
Artist:National Lampoon   Added:Jun 2004
Label:Uproar Records  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2004-06-10
You are holding in your hand a CD re-release of the funniest studio-comedy album ever made. Irreverant, scathing, dirty, and yes, sick (but cleaned up for radio!). This was originally released ~1976, recorded just before The Not Ready For Prime Time Players (Chase, Belushi, Murray, Newman, Radner, Akroyd, et al) were about to become household names due to their antics on the brand new TV show Sat Night Live. In fact, I’ve always suspected that re-release of this was thwarted over the years due to the “off color” nature of this humor, that they really didn’t want the public knowing too much about this. Listen: Ranging from silly near-potty humor to scathing social commentary this material is timeless (which is the quality that marks the highest of any art form). Throwing stereotypes back in our face, spoofing aggressive radio advertisement and fundraising tactics, and exposing the underlying sexual tension that lies in all professional sports television broadcasts (as well as in Mr Roger's Neighborhood, to think!), this stuff almost seems the subject of deep intellectual analysis. Screw that! Its funnier than hell! And if you dont think so then you need to get a sense of humor already!

And yes, this is the record that has the legendary “Mr Rogers” spoof, “egg a’ muffin” (track 16). And yes, that’s the voice of Bill Murray that reigns supreme throughout. And yes, Christopher Guest co-writes, appears, as do a plethora of Second City TV people. Writing credits also go to Paul Shaffer, and notably Harold Ramis (Animal House, Meatballs, Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day… need I continue?) Special thanks to DJ Stirling for buying this and editing it for radio play (for my birthday! Awww!).

1) squalor show intro, laugh at poverty, brief
2) so heavily edited it loses its charm
3) radio call in: “boned up the ass for being a fucking wise-guy”
4) hilarious faux radio commercial: “do you want to hustle?…salsa mi…”
5) radio call in: “jism-nasium”
6) Pretty polly- bizarre parrot lovefest
7) radio on-air fundraising spoof begins to get pushy: “we play a lot of crap but that’s what you want” (now theres a LID)
8) classic: “mickey way the candy bar”
9) Brilliant, especially in time for the summer Olympics- addresses the sexual tension present in watching female gymnastics (sorry if its just me…) “boy I’d like to fuck her!!”
10) radio call in: catholic girl abuse
11) faux radio commercial: Syd Blefnivin “the hustlinin…”
12) fund raiser continues: radio day care center “the kids listen to the radio… 1984 isnt that far away”
13) spoof on 70’s style orange juice commercial
14) tv game show: “shrimp cocktail”
15) “rapeline is busy, please hold”
16) Ultra legendary spoof of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood
17) faux radio commercial: stereos and such- yes kids, radio commercials sounded like this back then
18) radio fundraiser getting more vitriolic, Bill Murray blows up
19) spoof on disco, sex theme, Bill Murray appears as stereotypical lame male lover
20) Mr Rogers spoof part two, less well known as the previous, “Roberts” turns out to be a pederast and gets kicked out of the neighborhood but not before he gets his ass kicked
21) dial a curse
22) Save the Whales PSA spoof
23) radio fundraiser continues, turns out Murray has a trust fund
24) spoof on the classic “2000 year old man” routine, only the old guy thankfully goes into cardiac arrest
25) heres a timely piece: this spoofs a hijacking of an airliner bound for miami beach loaded with jewish vacationers. No stereotype is left out and the hijacker ends up killing himself instead of putting up with the “jewish grandmother” harranging he’s getting, fun fun fun!!
26) radio fundraising ends as Murray’s dad donates money
27) faux PSA by the “Monlithic Oil Company”- “the energy crisis is your fault, not ours…”

Track Listing
1. The Squalor Show   14. For $ 15,000
2. Confession   15. Rapeline
3. Dick Ballentine Phoneshow #1   16. Mr. Roberts #1
4. Disco Hotline   17. Stereos and Such
5. Dick Ballentine Phone Int #2   18. Listener Sponsored Radio #3
6. Love Birds/Flashnova   19. Height Report Disco
7. Listener Sponsored Radio #1   20. Mr. Roberts #2
8. For $25,000   21. Dial-A-Curse
9. Gymnasty   22. Humpback Whales
10. Dick Ballentine Phone-In #3   23. Listener-Sponsored Radio #4
11. Yiddishco   24. 2,015 Year Old Man
12. Listener Sponsored Radio #2   25. Fasten Your Seatbelts
13. Pulp   26. Listener Sponsored Radio #5
  27. Monolithic Oil