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Album: Musical Silk Road, the   Collection:World
Artist:Various Artists   Added:May 2004
Label:Accords Croises  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2004-09-07
Accords Croisés, 2004

Here is yet another compilation using the concept of ancient Asiatic trading routes to tie together a whole bunch of musical forms in one package. But I'm especially fond of this one, for three reasons: 1) The music is OUTSTANDING and the recording quality is first-rate. 2) Although this set uses a very broad definition of the Silk Road, stretching it all the way from Greece to Japan, it does a great job of highlighting the musical continuities along that wide spectrum. 3) The focus is firmly on traditional sounds (no cheesy pop here), and the double-disc format allows multiple examples per country. This comp gets my highest recommendation. PLAY IT ALL!

Try these first… DISC 1: 6, 8, 13 DISC 2: 4, 7, 9, 11


1. 2:14 - Mongolia: music of the high steppes: mysterious whistling vocal overtones on a bed of fiddle & zither
2. 2:09 - Kyrghyzstan: fast flute/fiddle/lutes, a cute, bouncy mountain tune.
3. 8:45 - Uzbekistan: beautiful, mystical & mysterious with moaning fem vocals, slurring fiddles. Builds power as it goes.
4. 3:13 - Mongolia: sprightly, with a Chinese sound. Much zither & flute, feels like watching butterflies. Fast ending.
5. 7:32 - Iran: a love poem with acrobatic male voice, quietly exciting târ work.
6. 7:11 - India: lovely uptempo Carnatic vocal, very listener-friendly fem singer, 2 good drummers.
7. 3:45 - China: solo zheng, thoughtful and elegant, not too many frills.
8. 5:11 - Pakistan: passionate Abida Parveen vocal, rolling tabla/harmonium backing. Very appealing.
9. 5:09 - Japan: slow, solo fem vocal & koto. Lonely, pensive, delicate.
10. 2:03 - Kyrgyzstan: quick strumming & picking on 3-stringed komuz (lute). Folksy, suggests running or riding.
11. 3:24 - Greece: solo fem vocal & guitar. Slow and sad, but with a strong, fast middle & end.
12. 6:18 - Afghanistan: nice fem vocal, violin, tabla. In praise of pre-Islamist artistic life.
13. 3:32 - Turkmenistan: wow! very cool solo dutâr, bendy/stretchy 1-string plucking vs. fast strumming.


1. 4:28 - Iraq: virtuoso solo oud, melodic but aggressive, sounds a lot like Spanish guitar playing. Several mood shifts.
2. 12:29 - Pakistan: strong qawwali track - loud, ecstatic male vocal + chorus, harmonium & tablas
3. 1:15 - Turkey: spoken word, with much echo. Listen for the very cool chorus bits
4. 7:29 - Afghanistan: fem vocal with reed flute, tabla; slow and stately, very nice
5. 5:04 - Turkmenistan: quick strummed dutâr (lute) sounds almost like a ukelele, creaky male vocals are fun to listen to
6. 3:51 - China: instrumental solo pipa (lute), reflective mood, impressive picking and strange rolling technique
7. 6:56 - Korea: yow! traditional opera: spoken intro leads to a powerful, twisted, wailing female vocal, single drum accompaniment.
8: 2:53 - Uzbekistan: midtempo dance for dutâr (lute) and fiddle, lonely, sounds almost Appalachian to me.
9. 5:08 - Turkey: awesome fast solo saz (lute), then alternates with low male vocal: the whirling dervish praises Ali.
10. 1:51 - Kyrgyzstan: happy love song for plain-voiced woman and strummed komuz (lute). Great lyrics (see booklet).
11. 4:22 - Mongolia: upbeat male chorus with sawing fiddle. Listen for throat singing and little kids!
12. 2:28 - Tajikistan: a lament: wailing solo female vox, she’s at some distance from the mic.
13. 1:53 - China: Chinese Catholic music, a Renaissance tune, performed by orchestra with many gongs, drums, pipes.

[ Fo ] – September 2004

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Egschiglen The Han Huhiin Mountains
2. Ensemble Neo-Traditional De Ko Harati
3. Yultchieva, Monajat The Beseecher
4. Unknown Mongolian Court Music
5. Ghorbani, Ali Reza Do not Listen, My Friend
6. Ragunathan, Sudha You Are Like a Little Parrot
7. Ping, Liang Tsai Winter Crows Gliding
8. Parveen, Abida The One for Whom I Chose...
9. Chida, Etsuko Evening Beauty
10. Kangeldeva, Diljat Agitation
11. Ionatos, Angelique From All the Stars
12. Mahwash, Ustad All My Life
13. Khudaiberenov, Deulet Shukar Baxshi
14. Bachir, Mounir The Mad Oud
15. Faiz, Faiz Ali The Sorrows of Love
16. Communaute Dirigee Par Le Shei Sama Ritual
17. Mahwash, Ustad Listen to the Ney
18. Nureyev, Meulam Alamge, Gilgai, Gilmaghai
19. Pei-Yuen, Lu Sounds of Silk
20. Hyangnyon, An The Song of Sim'chong
21. Alimatov, Turgun Ferghana Dance
22. Cicek, Ali Ekber The Lion
23. Njazbekova, Damira Of the Same Age
24. Unknown Eulogy of Gengis Khan
25. Sadikova, Goltchereh My Eyes Are Riveted on The..
26. Ensemble XVIII-21. Fleur De... La Monica