Orazbaeva, Raushan / Akku
Album: Akku   Collection:World
Artist:Orazbaeva, Raushan   Added:May 2004

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Album Review
David Shaw
Reviewed 2004-08-30
Raushan Orazbaeva “Akku” Dunya Records 2003
15 solo tracks on the kyl-kobyz, a 2-stringed cello-like (in sound, not in construction)
instrument indigenous to Kazakhstan. The k-k has a long history and has shamanic and
curative powers.There are metal objects hanging at the top of the neck, along with owl
feathers It is only since the 19th century that the k-k has been used and
composed for music listening. It is played by varying pressure on the strings, not on the
neck, producing lots of overtones. Only recently have women been allowed to play,
and Raushan has mastered the lyric element for purely musical enjoyment.
“There is no show, no unnecessary decoration. Kyl-kobyz becomes a 2nd body of
Raushan, an extension of her musical soul”.
Faves: 3, 9, (Dr D 08-04)
(all track titles and times on back of box)
1.Slow, contemplative. One of the oldest of k-k melodies, attributed to the maker of the instrument
2 Slow, lament for folk hero who died attempting to save Kazan from occupying enemies.
3 Another slow lament, originally a sybyzgi (reed flute) piece about a father who loses his son when
son chasing horse thieves who stole the father’s herd. Dad plays the flute to empty his sorrow.
4 Med, flowing. Originally for the dombra, a two-string lute which is the most popular Kazakh instrument.
This piece is to evoke the feel of fine velvet, soft and lyrical.
5 Med, another Dombra Kuy (lute piece) transcribed here by Raushan to express one of the 9 parts of the
soul and one of the nine emotions. Nine is a puissant number for Kazakhs, being strong, stable and balanced
6 Med/fast, complex. About how 5 rulers go have a good time instead of bringing the needs of their people
to the Russian overlord. Dance, eat, party, suck up to the tyrant, how typical…
7 Med, a medley of themes that Ykhlas, the 19th Cent formulator of k-k as an instrumental musicmaker, used
8 Med/fast,a hunting song intoned to bless the animals and ensure success of the hunt. The Copper Antelope
is the mother/protector, a magical figure who conveys invisibility on her animals
9 Slow/med,a pack of wolves get together for a hunt. As they circle the prey, we hear them howl. Sudden end
10 Slow/med, epic tale of boy who becomes a leader after visitng sacred swans and defeating enemies
11 Med/fast musical self-portrait of composer Sharken. Light and melodic, short and sweet.
12 Med/fast exposition of two unhappy lovers whose names translate as Sorrow and Mourning
13 Med, a bit mournful, theme explores a single scale
14 Slow, very mournful, lamenting the pollution and loss of a Kazakh lake Aral
15 Med/slow, another velvet piece expressing the acceptance of death by magician-inventor Korkyt who
brought the kyl-korbyz to the Kazakh people

Track Listing
1. Abyz Tolgau   8. Zheskyik
2. Kazan   9. Kaskyr
3. Airauktyin Ashy Kuyi   10. Akku
4. Maida Konyr   11. Sharken
5. Togys Tarau   12. Zhappas
6. Bes Tore   13. Saryn
7. Ykhlas   14. Aral Muny
  15. Konyr