Mistress / Ii: the Chronovisor
Album: Ii: the Chronovisor   Collection:General
Artist:Mistress   Added:May 2004
Label:Rage of Achilles  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-07-18
Some pretty cool doom & grind/ultra-core from these Brit nutters. By nutters I mean NUTTERS - the band members are: Dave Cunt, Drunken, Dirty Von Arse, Misery and the “normal” guy - Migg Kenney.
Getting back to the music, these yobbos possess a strong Eyehategod & Bongzilla influence which makes sense since the drummer is from Iron Monkey (who were basically the UK version of EHG), whilst the others are from: Anaal Nathraak, Fukpig, Necro (not the Boston horror/porn psycho rapper) & Frost. The sound is pretty fucking basic sludge-core & damaged doom & riddled with a plague of fucked up lyrics. Overall, It’s not always on-target but when these hooligans get going they’re crackin’ good!
((((1)))) Noisy & severly damaged doom/sludge that later gets hella Swedish style D-beat. EyehateGod mixed with late Black Flag & Skitsystem? Incomprehensible vocals minus the chorus.
((((2)))) A monsterous barrage of blast beats leading into a totally mania grinding explosion something like Brutal Truth or Nasum mixed with Sandinyya.
(((3))) Straight-ahead sludge with a solid “EHG meets Autopsy” groove. (FCCs “fucking” 0:46)
(((4))) Mid-tempo Discharge crossed with a nihilistc gonzo hate vibe later leading to grind. Waaay too many FCCs to be avoid the wrath of Mikely Powell & the crew.
(((5))) Slow, creeping sludge/doom thingy. It’s only 1:25
(((6)))) Massive Black Metal style-intro then LOUD & UGLY sludge that fights it out with the BM style. KILLER hypnotic riffing at: 2:20-2:55.
((((7)))) Straight ahead sludge ‘ala Grief/EHG/Noothgrush complete with a KILLER hypnotic riffing at: 2:20-2:55.
(((8))) Holy shit! Total D-beat massacre ‘ala Disrupt but with a passion only for totally nihilism. (1:07-1:09 MAJOR FCC - “shit for brains...you fucking cunt!” otherwise the rest of the “naught bits” are incomprehensible)
(((9))) Thunderous, EPIC, LOUD & UGLY über-sludge that some some killer riffing & (FCC 2:37-2:39 “fucking”)

Track Listing
1. Rat Piss   5. The Chronovisor
2. Psychic One Inch Punch   6. Hit Bottom
3. Hell Is Other People   7. No Memory
4. Wanker Colony   8. Piss for Blood, Shit for Bra
  9. 38