Various Artists / Dj Icey: for the Love
Album: Dj Icey: for the Love   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:May 2004
Label:System Recordings Inc.  

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Album Review
Action JACson
Reviewed 2004-09-01
<>A solid sampling of dance tracks from many different genres tied together by (almost) seemless crossfades and a clear, thoughtful track order. The true charm of this collection lies in it selection of what I like to call hybrid tracks - those that don't necessarily fit into the mold of any given house sub-genre and instead borrow from a number of them to create a fresh sound. With the exception of number 12, each song is gold in its own right; that said, check out the recommended tracks for some outstanding A-file quality material.
<>Track Listing (* Recommended):
1. Progressive/Trance hybrid driven by beats and effects; spiced with a few incoherent vocals. [5:11]
2. *Oldie but goodie - soothing vocals that make it great for chilling back and enjoying the beats. [6:09]
3. Another song that’s good for its ambience-setting potential, comes complete with deep vocals. [3:33]<><>
4. *Take a little bit of deep house add a little reggae and you’ve got yourself a lot of good stuff. [4:26]
5. Short, sweet and, in true Fat Boy Slim style, house with a little bit of funk. [2:30]
6. *A funk-filled break beats cake frosted with some trance flavors. [3:06]
7. A break beat track so homogenous that it seems almost perfunctory. [5:15]
8. Break beats with some Caribbean influences. [6:12]
9. Deep bass is the phrase on this one. [4:58]
10. Would be a better track if the lyrics and the beats worked better together. [4:46]
11. *Just the right mix of hard house beats and solid female vocals. [5:29]
12. Uninspired. Enough said. [4:22]
13. An energetic track with sample that pay homage to Daft Punk. [5:55]
14. Booty bass and break beats with some soulful female vocals. [5:58]
15. Marching beats that yield for some synth breakdowns. [4:48]

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Dj Icey And Go!
2. Crystal Method, the Comin' Back
3. Interflow (Ft Robinson, Anna) Storyreel (Tomiie, Satoshie
4. Marlon Ft Rex Dog One Foot Skank
5. Playgroup Front 2 Back (Fatboy Slim Rm
6. Soul Hooligan Algebra (Mr. Breaker & the T
7. Aquasky Vs Masterblaster Shadow Breaks
8. Plump Djs Weighed Down
9. Two Lone Swordsmen Neuflex
10. Weekend Players Into the Sun
11. Shakedown At Night
12. Dj Icey Hardway's Working
13. Chemical Brothers, the Get Yourself High (Switches
14. Raw Silk Do It to the Music (Acapella
15. Dj Icey Camino Real