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Artist:Various Artists   Added:Apr 2004
Label:Normal Records  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-07-18

You gotta love labels like Normal (and Get Back, Ar-Kama) for digging up all of this great psychedlicia that prior to now only a select few (i.e. collector nerds) could hear this obscure & awesome “way-out-ness”.

Psychedelic as you should know wasn’t limited to the UK and U.S.A. it was all over Europe, Japan and Latin America. With Brasil having some many great musicians (and being a large country) it’s no doubt they could crank out stuff that was on par with anything the Brits or American could put out (if not more interesting in some cases). This covers everything from psych pop, proto-hard rock, some late-””Beat” sounding stuff, some funky stuff, some folky-stuff, and just weird stuff.

(((((1))))) Fuckin’ awesome collision of James Brown funk, James Bond soundtrack, some random crazy effects, and some fuzz guitar & some bizarro keyboard parts. It’s like 3 different bands in one song and it all worksbrilliantly! Get them go-go boots on, baby!
(((2))) Fuzz guitar, some wah-wah, poppy vocals, catchy even if you don’t understand any (Brasilian) Portuguese.
((3))’s sounds like Liverpool 1964 by way of Brasil 1973 + a bit of country-rock twang. Nice reverb on the vocals. Not great but interesting at least from the oddness of sound since it’s the age of prog by this then.
(((4))) Loose, bizarro psych-rock sounding not too far from some early Amon Düül sessions (the liner notes said they used backwards tracked guitars which makes sense once you hear this).
((((5)))) Kind of heavy, wailing psych rock yet poppy and big on the harpischord. I wonder what woufd’ve happened if these guys played with Blue Cheer?
(((6))) Folksy pop strumming with lyrics in English. The vocalist sounding like he’s singing underwater. Not too far off from say Buffalo Springfield with a lot of organ/keyboards.
((((7)))) Heavy on the Rhodes organ/keyboard with some good riffing psych that borders on prog. (Note the “Robert Fripp-er-riffic” parts at 0:48).
(((8))) Weird, hella fun, funky psych with a title in English but lyrics in (Brasilian) Portuguese. Great druming and latin percussion breakdowns.
(((9))) Loud fuzzy & reverbing guitar but points off for the “I really wanna be in Santana” vocalist. If this were an instrumental this would be awesome.
(((((10))))) Guitar noodling recorded backwards & forwards. Sounds like Tony Iommi jamming with Amon Düül & Gong! (Not Iommi as in the heavy riffing Iommi but the wild jamming that’s on the first Sabbath album).
(11) Folksy, jangle, jangle. Not really happening. Too Crosby, Stills & Nash for it’s own good.
(((12))) Reverb-heavy (in the vocals) & wah-wah laden, laid back psych. Pretty groovy.
((((13)))) Crazy, bass & wacked-out nutters (with loony vocals that are just fucked up enough to work) doing raw but killer heavy (for it’s time) psych/prog/hard rock. Listen to the awesome raw drum tracks & that guitar wailing.
((((14)))) Slow, strumming power chords & more proto-hard rock. The riffing actually sounds a bit like Jimmy Page which isn’t suprising since this is from ‘73 when Led Zep were fucking huge. The vocals are a different matter though. Lots of reverb and closer to psych.
(((15))) Acoustic guitar strumming with piano & some nice flute & percussion. A nice folk-psych number.
(((16))) Starts off sounding sort of Middle Eastern then builds up into some psych folk/noodling & weirdness. From ‘75 which show you that just as the US rock scene is starting to suck-ass, the Brazilians are keeping that originial innovative spirit alive.
((((17)))) Awesome jazz/psych/folk with a kind of great parts: various vocal tracks, flutes, some fuzz guitar, etc.
(((18))) Broken down, sad folk into uptempo folk-psych-rock pretty cool stuff. You gotta love that Portuguese pronuncation with all of those harsh consansants!
(((19))) Loose & raw poppy, psych-rock. Great acoustic guitars & the tonalities of the Portuguese is really cool. (Almost sounds vaguely like Arabic to me but then again I know neither language)

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. O Bando / Same E Assim
2. Os Brazues / Same Tao Longe De Mim
3. A Bolha / Um Passo a Frente Razo De Existir
4. Liverpool / Por Favor Sucesso Voando
5. Bango / Same Inferno no Mundo
6. Buttons / Same, the Birds in My Tree
7. Assim Assado / Same Lunatica
8. O Terco / Same I Need You
9. Spectrum / Geracao Bendita Tritha Antiga
10. Modulo 1000 / Nao Fale Animalia
11. Os Lobos / Miragem Miragem
12. Rubinho E Mauro Qiero
13. Sound Factory Lets Go
14. Terco / Same Lagon Das Lontras
15. Paulo Bagunca Mensquerro
16. Lula Cortes E Ze Maracas De Fogo
17. Marcos Valle / Vento Sul Revoluccao
18. Hugo Filho Quero Voce
19. Marconi Notaro Fidalidad