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Album: Old Tyme Lemonade   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Apr 2004
Label:Hospital Productions  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2004-07-18
COLL: Old Tyme Lemonade - (Hospital) Providence, Ri is one scene that thankfully won’t be celebrated by the likes of Empty-Vee, Spin or Rolling Stone - that is to say if those morons even do such things anymore. Either way, this compilation features 20 reasons why the mainstream would avoid Providence like the plague - lots of fucked up sounding noise & damaged (both sonically & probably mentally) bands. Raging from pure noise, freaky hardcore techno, black-metal inspired stuff to raw hardcore/grind it’s all here.
(((1))) Landed = Totally fucked up & wacked-out mix of the Jesus Lizard & mixed with some Unsane mixed with a megadose of PCP. Just severe!
((2)) Noise Nomads = Ouch-worthy noise into distorted weirdness. Kinda short.
((((3)))) Necromonitron = Free-form ultra-rock mixing up the Ruins, various Robert Fripp-isms, Magma and mixed in with some heaviness. While it sounds sort of tech-y they’re just going in cycles of 5-6 notes.
(((4))) Mindflayer= Screetchy noise into distorted drums and some satanic vacuum cleaner. Jazz/prog from hell! File under weird but amusing.
(((5)))) Knights of Timbre = Tweaked out noise & mincing of the Speed Racer theme. Something like Evolution Control Committee crossed with Nurse With Wound.
((((6))))) Em Dath Rir = 3 tracks of doomed-out, lo-fi GodheadSilo/Thrones fuzz mania crossing into ultra-noisy & fucked up Beherit/Mystifer-styled kult black metal & Crossed Out style power-violence!!! Bow down NOW!
(((7))) Prurient = Fucking SCARY Whitehouse-like noise/original industrial.
(((8))) Drop Dead = Long-time grind/utlra-core nutters blasting out raw grind/ultra-core in very raw style for the kids in Finland.
((9)) Mahi-Mahi = Super-minimal ambient dub drift. Nothing all that exciting.
(((10))) Seratone = Nice acoustic guitar strums that TOTALLY sound like an unused intro that was lifted from a Metallica or Megadeth tune circa 1984-85.
((((11)))) Football Rabbit = Drum machine and lurching slow strummed guitar like Codeine then goes into a more a straight up Killdozer/Thrones rockin’ doomcrusher which even throws in that very 80’s “electronic handclap” beat.
(((12))) Suffering Bastard = 5 tracks of terribly recorded but ULTRA-lo-if gurgle-grind/noise core. Remicent of those “Bleeeeaarrrggggh” compliations. 3rd track of theirs has a sample of some Anton LaVey-led ritual where the give shouts out to the many names of the ‘ol horned one.
(13) Smashed Femur Dance Party = Pretty awful Stones cover that mixes of early Sebadoh & someone cranking up a fish tank pump.
(((14)))) Throne of Blood =- A motherfucker of O.T.T. blurr-grind/metal with either female vocals or some really young kid vocals. Awesome but hella short.
((15)) Kites = More fish tank pump sounding noise with a Bastard Noise/Merzbow thing (but not as good) going on.
((16)) Lightning Bolt = Not one of their best tunes but VERY noisey & fucked up distorted drums & bass set at a fairly painful level.
((17)) Knivestorm = Minimalist noise once again sounding like a fish-tank pump filtered but this time it’s filtered through a computer program - or at least sounds that way.
(((18))) Meerk Puffy = Seriously awesome noise & lo-fi “Atari 2600 on PCP” sounding techno for people who wanna kill instead of dance.
(((19))) White Mice = A load of distorted bass & drums stuck in a thicket of muddy unholy doom noise/industrial. Pretty close to the satanic Swede nutters MZ.412
(((20))) Patootie Lobe = Super minimal & weird video game style noise & feedback manipulations that gets more interesting when you listen closely.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Landed They Were Eating Caca
2. Noise Nomads Untitled
3. Necronomitron Bloodclotguts
4. Mindflayer Dust Often
5. Knights Of Timbre Speed Racer Remix
6. Em Dath Rir Barren & Lifeless, Abstain, The Few, The Proud, The Mangled, Ask Yourself
7. Prurient Ruin
8. Dropdead What Once Was Life
9. Mahi Mahi Stop Messing Around
10. Seratone New Dreams
11. Football Rabbit Polished Arrow
12. Suffering Bastard Septic Forest, Hot Soup, Mouth Of Hell (Noise), Shit Vomit, Brid Of Assgut
13. Smashed Femur Dance Party Jumping Jack Flash
14. Throne Of Blood Death Future
15. Kites Pacifist
16. Lightning Bolt Swarm
17. Knifestorm-E-Z E-Z Ghost
18. Meerrk Puffy The One I Want
19. White Mice Violence Of The Lamb
20. Patootie Lobe Dribbler 2003